The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Wigan, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashcroft, Sarah Ellen  18 Oct 1882Wigan, Lancashire, England I30297
2 Askew, Maud  26 Nov 1903Wigan, Lancashire, England I30280
3 Atherton, Ann  2 Aug 1819Wigan, Lancashire, England I16428
4 Atherton, Francis  18 Jan 1822Wigan, Lancashire, England I16430
5 Atherton, Thomas  11 Sep 1822Wigan, Lancashire, England I16429
6 Barrow, Elizabeth  26 Jan 1860Wigan, Lancashire, England I30278
7 Baxendale, William  1859Wigan, Lancashire, England I24095
8 Blything, Alice  27 May 1812Wigan, Lancashire, England I26399
9 Blything, Charles  21 Jun 1806Wigan, Lancashire, England I26406
10 Blything, Jane  3 Sep 1845Wigan, Lancashire, England I26403
11 Blything, John  1784Wigan, Lancashire, England I26401
12 Blything, Mary  1808Wigan, Lancashire, England I26407
13 Blything, William  1832Wigan, Lancashire, England I1405
14 Clarsby, Ann  1789Wigan, Lancashire, England I24309
15 Crawford, Elizabeth  1848Wigan, Lancashire, England I33763
16 Daniels, Eliza  1894Wigan, Lancashire, England I10573
17 Davies, Alfred  1885Wigan, Lancashire, England I18731
18 Davies, Elias  1889Wigan, Lancashire, England I18732
19 Davies, Emma  20 Jul 1880Wigan, Lancashire, England I10500
20 Davies, Hannah  1893Wigan, Lancashire, England I17360
21 Davies, Margaret  1899Wigan, Lancashire, England I17361
22 Derbyshire, Alice  17 Dec 1909Wigan, Lancashire, England I1832
23 Derbyshire, Eliza  1904Wigan, Lancashire, England I25572
24 Derbyshire, John  1911Wigan, Lancashire, England I25585
25 Derbyshire, Thomas  1907Wigan, Lancashire, England I25573
26 Dixon, Mary Ann  13 Oct 1846Wigan, Lancashire, England I22104
27 Dixon, Robert  Jan 1851Wigan, Lancashire, England I22106
28 Dowlman, Ellen  24 Mar 1895Wigan, Lancashire, England I20660
29 Dowlman, Emily  1905Wigan, Lancashire, England I20662
30 Dowlman, Florence  19 Aug 1897Wigan, Lancashire, England I20661
31 Dowlman, Sarah  1909Wigan, Lancashire, England I20663
32 Gerrard, Mary  1877Wigan, Lancashire, England I25571
33 Goulding, Joseph  1833Wigan, Lancashire, England I31014
34 Goulding, Joseph  1852Wigan, Lancashire, England I33807
35 Goulding, Martha  1850Wigan, Lancashire, England I31016
36 Goulding, William  1830Wigan, Lancashire, England I31013
37 Greenhalgh, Charles  14 Feb 1925Wigan, Lancashire, England I30415
38 Griffiths, Gertrude  1896Wigan, Lancashire, England I17322
39 Griffiths, John Edward  1895Wigan, Lancashire, England I10519
40 Griffiths, William Frances  1891Wigan, Lancashire, England I17321
41 Harrison, Jane Alice  1906Wigan, Lancashire, England I32697
42 Harrison, Laura  1909Wigan, Lancashire, England I32700
43 Hodkinson, James  1844Wigan, Lancashire, England I9648
44 Hodkinson, John  1855Wigan, Lancashire, England I9651
45 Hodkinson, Samuel  1850Wigan, Lancashire, England I9649
46 Hodkinson, William  1852Wigan, Lancashire, England I9650
47 Holden, John  1850Wigan, Lancashire, England I8118
48 Holding, Sarah  4 Jun 1870Wigan, Lancashire, England I29981
49 Holland, Charles  1890Wigan, Lancashire, England I8617
50 Holland, Miriam  1893Wigan, Lancashire, England I8614

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hannah  1826-1831Wigan, Lancashire, England I33811
2 Armstrong, Barbara  1868Wigan, Lancashire, England I27438
3 Ashcroft, Sarah Ellen  1963Wigan, Lancashire, England I30297
4 Davies, Emma  1961Wigan, Lancashire, England I10500
5 Derbyshire, William  1939Wigan, Lancashire, England I25582
6 Gerrard, Mary  1912Wigan, Lancashire, England I25571
7 James, Ishmael  1956Wigan, Lancashire, England I3755
8 Mawdsley, May  1964Wigan, Lancashire, England I20635
9 Morgan, Sarah  1906Wigan, Lancashire, England I30279
10 Morgan, William Henry  1954Wigan, Lancashire, England I30273
11 Price, Mary  1881Wigan, Lancashire, England I11421
12 Price, Sarah Ann  1904Wigan, Lancashire, England I11423
13 Roby, Alice  10 Oct 1798Wigan, Lancashire, England I13931
14 Roby, William  19 Aug 1800Wigan, Lancashire, England I13930
15 Rose, Samuel  1891Wigan, Lancashire, England I2873


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Blything, Jane  28 Sep 1845Wigan, Lancashire, England I26403
2 Dixon, Mary Ann  26 Oct 1846Wigan, Lancashire, England I22104
3 Mawdsley, Joseph  9 Jan 1825Wigan, Lancashire, England I26349
4 Phythian, Robert  27 Oct 1822Wigan, Lancashire, England I19867
5 Roby, Alice  9 Apr 1797Wigan, Lancashire, England I13931
6 Roby, Alice  31 Oct 1814Wigan, Lancashire, England I13934
7 Roby, Ann  7 Feb 1807Wigan, Lancashire, England I13937
8 Roby, Elizabeth  27 Apr 1816Wigan, Lancashire, England I13933
9 Roby, Ellen  1 Nov 1824Wigan, Lancashire, England I13941
10 Roby, Hugh  27 Jan 1811Wigan, Lancashire, England I13935
11 Roby, James  18 Feb 1809Wigan, Lancashire, England I13938
12 Roby, John  2 Oct 1805Wigan, Lancashire, England I13936
13 Roby, Margaret  4 Oct 1818Wigan, Lancashire, England I13939
14 Roby, Thomas  29 Apr 1820Wigan, Lancashire, England I13940
15 Roby, William  24 Mar 1799Wigan, Lancashire, England I13930
16 Swift, George  19 Jul 1835Wigan, Lancashire, England I20488
17 Swift, Henry  12 Nov 1780Wigan, Lancashire, England I30581
18 Swift, Henry  3 Feb 1833Wigan, Lancashire, England I20487
19 Swift, James  13 Aug 1837Wigan, Lancashire, England I20489
20 Swift, Jane  22 Oct 1826Wigan, Lancashire, England I30580
21 Swift, John  15 Jun 1828Wigan, Lancashire, England I30579
22 Walmsley, James  7 May 1724Wigan, Lancashire, England I18319


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Atherton / Gaskill  17 Mar 1818Wigan, Lancashire, England F2701
2 Atherton / Winnard  27 July 1824Wigan, Lancashire, England F7168
3 Dean / Morgan  1949Wigan, Lancashire, England F7537
4 Green / Morgan  1928Wigan, Lancashire, England F7536
5 James / Molloy  1954Wigan, Lancashire, England F5557
6 Roby / Howarth  31 Jul 1825Wigan, Lancashire, England F4334
7 Roby / Winnard  7 Mar 1803Wigan, Lancashire, England F4336
8 Rylance / Cheetham  26 Nov 1826Wigan, Lancashire, England F7320