The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Whitegate, Cheshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hitchen, Samuel  1854Whitegate, Cheshire, England I9895
2 Hodkinson, Matilda  1872Whitegate, Cheshire, England I17463
3 Maddock, Ellen  1806Whitegate, Cheshire, England I17489
4 Maddock, Hannah  1800Whitegate, Cheshire, England I17487
5 Maddock, Maria  1806Whitegate, Cheshire, England I17490
6 Maddock, Martha  1803Whitegate, Cheshire, England I17488
7 Maddock, Mary  1819Whitegate, Cheshire, England I9307
8 Maddock, Robert  1798Whitegate, Cheshire, England I17486
9 Maddock, Susanna  1809Whitegate, Cheshire, England I17491
10 Maddock, William  1794Whitegate, Cheshire, England I17485
11 Ollier, Charles  1707Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13343
12 Ollier, Elizabeth  1639Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13352
13 ollier, Elizabeth  1681Whitegate, Cheshire, England I26085
14 Ollier, Elizabeth  1723Whitegate, Cheshire, England I27850
15 Ollier, Elizabeth  1731Whitegate, Cheshire, England I27847
16 Ollier, George  1713Whitegate, Cheshire, England I8830
17 Ollier, George  1745Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13334
18 Ollier, John  1674Whitegate, Cheshire, England I26083
19 Ollier, John  1679Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13337
20 Ollier, John  1703Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13330
21 Ollier, John  1722Whitegate, Cheshire, England I27849
22 Ollier, John  1728Whitegate, Cheshire, England I27851
23 Ollier, Joseph  1711Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13342
24 Ollier, Joseph  1742Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13333
25 Ollier, Margaret  Abt 1633Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13350
26 Ollier, Martha  1715Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13340
27 Ollier, Mary  Abt 1635Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13351
28 Ollier, Mary  1676Whitegate, Cheshire, England I26084
29 Ollier, Mary  1715Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13341
30 Ollier, Mary  1738Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13332
31 Ollier, Mathew  1752Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13336
32 Ollier, Susanna  1684Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13347
33 Ollier, Susanna  1748Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13335
34 Ollier, Susanna  1766Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13329
35 Ollier, Thomas  1704Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13339
36 Ollier, Thomas  1709Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13344
37 Ollier, Thomas  1735Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13327
38 Ollier, Thomas  1741Whitegate, Cheshire, England I27846
39 Ollier, Thomas  1763Whitegate, Cheshire, England I8789
40 Philips, John  1797Whitegate, Cheshire, England I26810
41 Pope, Frances  1 Jul 1839Whitegate, Cheshire, England I7992
42 Robinson, Alice  1897Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14667
43 Robinson, Amy  1901Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14669
44 Robinson, Annie Mary  1892Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14665
45 Robinson, Bertram  1889Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14664
46 Robinson, Edna May  27 Jan 1908Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14670
47 Robinson, George John  1887Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14663
48 Robinson, Hannah  1830Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14648
49 Robinson, Miriam  15 Jun 1899Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14668
50 Robinson, Thomas Henry  1894Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14666

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lockit, Susanna  1641Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13349
2 Maddocks, Elizabeth  1757Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13331
3 Ollier, John  1674Whitegate, Cheshire, England I26083
4 Ollier, John  1722Whitegate, Cheshire, England I27849
5 Ollier, John  1728Whitegate, Cheshire, England I27851
6 Ollier, John  1741Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13337
7 Ollier, John  1762Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13330
8 Ollier, Thomas  1704Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13339
9 Ollier, Thomas  1741Whitegate, Cheshire, England I27846
10 Wakefield, Samuel  1730Whitegate, Cheshire, England I19704
11 Weston, Elizabeth  1728Whitegate, Cheshire, England I27848


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ollier, Thomas  3 May 1704Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13339
2 Sweatman, Mary  2 Apr 1687Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13346
3 Wakefield, George  24 Feb 1846Whitegate, Cheshire, England I19655


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Ollier, Charles  20 Apr 1707Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13343
2 Ollier, Elizabeth  28 Jul 1639Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13352
3 ollier, Elizabeth  6 Jan 1682Whitegate, Cheshire, England I26085
4 Ollier, George  1 Feb 1713Whitegate, Cheshire, England I8830
5 Ollier, George  1 Jan 1746Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13334
6 Ollier, John  6 Apr 1674Whitegate, Cheshire, England I26083
7 Ollier, John  15 Feb 1703Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13330
8 Ollier, Joseph  24 Apr 1711Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13342
9 Ollier, Joseph  24 Oct 1742Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13333
10 Ollier, Martha  6 Feb 1715Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13340
11 Ollier, Mary  30 Nov 1676Whitegate, Cheshire, England I26084
12 Ollier, Mary  6 Feb 1715Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13341
13 Ollier, Mary  10 Sep 1738Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13332
14 Ollier, Mathew  13 Mar 1752Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13336
15 Ollier, Susanna  10 May 1684Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13347
16 Ollier, Susanna  25 Sep 1748Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13335
17 Ollier, Thomas  4 Apr 1704Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13339
18 Ollier, Thomas  12 Jun 1709Whitegate, Cheshire, England I13344
19 Richardson, Holford  14 Jul 1844Whitegate, Cheshire, England I9308
20 Robinson, Alice  17 Apr 1897Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14667
21 Robinson, Amelia  28 Jun 1889Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14680
22 Robinson, Amy  25 Aug 1901Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14669
23 Robinson, Annie Mary  8 May 1892Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14665
24 Robinson, Bertram  9 Mar 1889Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14664
25 Robinson, Catherine  20 Jul 1823Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14646
26 Robinson, Elizabeth  17 Jun 1821Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14658
27 Robinson, George  21 May 1826Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14649
28 Robinson, George John  22 May 1887Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14663
29 Robinson, Hannah  31 Jul 1831Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14648
30 Robinson, Joseph  27 Apr 1834Whitegate, Cheshire, England I1125
31 Robinson, Martha  6 Dec 1818Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14657
32 Robinson, Mary Ann  26 Dec 1832Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14655
33 Robinson, Miriam  9 Jul 1899Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14668
34 Robinson, Sarah  21 Jul 1816Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14656
35 Robinson, Thomas  10 May 1829Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14650
36 Robinson, Thomas  24 Feb 1884Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14677
37 Robinson, Thomas Henry  23 Nov 1894Whitegate, Cheshire, England I14666
38 Wakefield, Amy Emma  27 Jun 1807Whitegate, Cheshire, England I19664
39 Wakefield, Ellen  13 Mar 1761Whitegate, Cheshire, England I19668
40 Wakefield, George  1 Jan 1752Whitegate, Cheshire, England I19676
41 Wakefield, George  8 Jul 1787Whitegate, Cheshire, England I19655
42 Wakefield, John  27 Feb 1762Whitegate, Cheshire, England I19669
43 Wakefield, John  17 Jun 1792Whitegate, Cheshire, England I19677
44 Wakefield, Joseph  16 Mar 1755Whitegate, Cheshire, England I19675
45 Wakefield, Maria  26 Nov 1809Whitegate, Cheshire, England I19663
46 Wakefield, Mary  25 Apr 1751Whitegate, Cheshire, England I19667
47 Wakefield, Pheobe  2 Aug 1812Whitegate, Cheshire, England I19661
48 Wakefield, Richard  8 Apr 1759Whitegate, Cheshire, England I19657
49 Wakefield, Susannah  19 May 1765Whitegate, Cheshire, England I19670
50 Wakefield, Thomas  24 Feb 1757Whitegate, Cheshire, England I19674

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Robinson / Paul  10 Oct 1852Whitegate, Cheshire, England F223
2 Taylor / Barrow  21 Sep 1630Whitegate, Cheshire, England F2014