The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Salford, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1854Salford, Lancashire, England I31155
2 Elizabeth Ann.  1852Salford, Lancashire, England I20100
3 Frances  1836Salford, Lancashire, England I9447
4 Mary  1845Salford, Lancashire, England I30622
5 Barry, Margaret  7 Aug 1927Salford, Lancashire, England I29796
6 Bethell, Mary  1874Salford, Lancashire, England I13817
7 Boardman, Harriet  1834Salford, Lancashire, England I16466
8 Bradburn, David Edward  1865Salford, Lancashire, England I9063
9 Bradburn, Thomas A  1868Salford, Lancashire, England I9064
10 Carter, Eliza  1833Salford, Lancashire, England I12952
11 Carter, John  1839Salford, Lancashire, England I22991
12 Carter, John  1840Salford, Lancashire, England I22987
13 Carter, Mary  1831Salford, Lancashire, England I22986
14 Carter, William  1836Salford, Lancashire, England I22994
15 Chaloner, Frances Mather  7 Jan 1836Salford, Lancashire, England I26587
16 Chambers, Edward  1903Salford, Lancashire, England I31150
17 Chambers, Florence  1910Salford, Lancashire, England I31154
18 Chambers, Gertrude  10 Jun 1898Salford, Lancashire, England I31148
19 Chambers, Thomas William  16 Jan 1905Salford, Lancashire, England I31152
20 Chappell, Charlotte Susanna  1854Salford, Lancashire, England I16760
21 Chappell, Joseph  1852Salford, Lancashire, England I16759
22 Chappell, Mary Jane  1850Salford, Lancashire, England I16758
23 Coulton, Eliza Jane  1889Salford, Lancashire, England I22872
24 Coulton, Hannah Elizabeth  1885Salford, Lancashire, England I7560
25 Coulton, James William Henry  1894Salford, Lancashire, England I22871
26 Coulton, Tempy Louisa  1887Salford, Lancashire, England I22854
27 Curtis, Henry Edward  1843Salford, Lancashire, England I25162
28 Curtis, Tom  1837Salford, Lancashire, England I24207
29 Duesbury, George  1862Salford, Lancashire, England I16956
30 Eachus, William  31 Jul 1886Salford, Lancashire, England I325
31 Earnshaw, Eliza  1865Salford, Lancashire, England I33337
32 Garside, Sarah  1852Salford, Lancashire, England I24149
33 Gill, Ernest  1888Salford, Lancashire, England I8517
34 Gill, James  1882Salford, Lancashire, England I8515
35 Gill, John  1886Salford, Lancashire, England I8516
36 Gill, Mary E  1890Salford, Lancashire, England I8518
37 Hamilton, Fred  1893Salford, Lancashire, England I28554
38 Hamilton, Lavinia  1896Salford, Lancashire, England I28555
39 Hanmer, Wilfred  1879Salford, Lancashire, England I8244
40 Hanmer, William Arthur  1882Salford, Lancashire, England I8245
41 Heaton, Peter  1806Salford, Lancashire, England I11699
42 Heaton, Sarah  1835Salford, Lancashire, England I11701
43 Heys, James  1824Salford, Lancashire, England I24042
44 Heys, William  1826Salford, Lancashire, England I568
45 Hitchens, Sarah  1860Salford, Lancashire, England I22921
46 Hodgkiss, Emily  30 Mar 1893Salford, Lancashire, England I31114
47 Hough, John  1859Salford, Lancashire, England I31498
48 Jelly, James  1874Salford, Lancashire, England I25374
49 Jones, Clarice Dixon  4 May 1890Salford, Lancashire, England I33934
50 Jones, Elizabeth Emma  25 Feb 1879Salford, Lancashire, England I31237

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bagnall, Samuel Phillip  1976Salford, Lancashire, England I25754
2 Blakeman, Charles William  1908Salford, Lancashire, England I12558
3 Carter, Sarah  1843Salford, Lancashire, England I24237
4 Clarke, William  1893Salford, Lancashire, England I20198
5 Cordwell, William  1698Salford, Lancashire, England I25424
6 Duesbury, Henry  1882Salford, Lancashire, England I16945
7 Garside, Samuel  1874Salford, Lancashire, England I24146
8 Hole, Walter John  1927Salford, Lancashire, England I29116
9 Mottram, Harold  1988Salford, Lancashire, England I27139
10 Mottram, Stanley  1982Salford, Lancashire, England I27138
11 Noden, Fisher  1870Salford, Lancashire, England I16160
12 Phythian, Robert  1863Salford, Lancashire, England I19867
13 Pitt-Pladdy, Richard Birket  1962Salford, Lancashire, England I2151
14 Rice, Louisa  1881Salford, Lancashire, England I22874
15 Salmon, Maud  23 Aug 1923Salford, Lancashire, England I24782
16 Sant, John  1860Salford, Lancashire, England I13808
17 Sharples, Mary Jane Sherlock  1913Salford, Lancashire, England I19597
18 Spary, Sarah  1861Salford, Lancashire, England I25137
19 Sutton, Edith  1985Salford, Lancashire, England I755
20 Toby, Maurice Joseph  13 Nov 1982Salford, Lancashire, England I762
21 Varden, James William  1890Salford, Lancashire, England I22918
22 Whipday, Alice  SEPT 1996Salford, Lancashire, England I2858
23 Winn, Sarah  7 May 1842Salford, Lancashire, England I637
24 Yarwood, Samuel  Jul 1961Salford, Lancashire, England I10599


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Coulton, James William Henry  25 Apr 1894Salford, Lancashire, England I22871
2 Lowe, Selina  24 Nov 1861Salford, Lancashire, England I10597
3 Pierson, Elsie  19 Sep 1894Salford, Lancashire, England I4069
4 Pierson, Lily  30 Dec 1896Salford, Lancashire, England I4068


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Garnett / Noden  10 Feb 1894Salford, Lancashire, England F6489
2 Gill / Cooper  1923Salford, Lancashire, England F1552
3 Hole / Williams  1933Salford, Lancashire, England F3917