The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Royton, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrew, James  Abt 1806Royton, Lancashire, England I29970
2 Andrew, Jane  1827Royton, Lancashire, England I29966
3 Andrew, John  28 Apr 1780Royton, Lancashire, England I29968
4 Andrew, Sarah  1819Royton, Lancashire, England I29965
5 Butterworth, Mary  1781Royton, Lancashire, England I29964
6 Catlow, Agnes Annie  1886Royton, Lancashire, England I23012
7 Catlow, Albert Edward  1890Royton, Lancashire, England I23014
8 Catlow, Florence Slingsby  1895Royton, Lancashire, England I23016
9 Catlow, Herbert Varden  1888Royton, Lancashire, England I23013
10 Catlow, Nellie  1893Royton, Lancashire, England I23015
11 Catlow, Sam Wade  1898Royton, Lancashire, England I23017
12 Garside, Robson  28 Dec 1866Royton, Lancashire, England I29927
13 Holden, Mary Hannah  1848Royton, Lancashire, England I29891
14 Holden, Mary Hannah  22 Nov 1877Royton, Lancashire, England I29914
15 Holden, Robert  1837Royton, Lancashire, England I29887
16 Holden, Sophia  1846Royton, Lancashire, England I29890
17 Holden, Thomas  1852Royton, Lancashire, England I29893
18 Holden, Walter  1843Royton, Lancashire, England I29889
19 Holden, Whitworth  1850Royton, Lancashire, England I29892
20 Holden, William Travis  1838Royton, Lancashire, England I29888
21 Lees, Elizabeth  1835Royton, Lancashire, England I28675
22 Lees, Elizabeth Ellen  1828Royton, Lancashire, England I29948
23 Lees, Ellen  1834Royton, Lancashire, England I29937
24 Lees, Elvira  1817Royton, Lancashire, England I29945
25 Lees, Elvira  1835Royton, Lancashire, England I29950
26 Lees, James  1815Royton, Lancashire, England I29944
27 Lees, John  1840Royton, Lancashire, England I29938
28 Lees, Joseph  1810Royton, Lancashire, England I29915
29 Lees, Mary  1823Royton, Lancashire, England I29947
30 Lees, Mary Ann  1836Royton, Lancashire, England I29911
31 Lees, Randle  1813Royton, Lancashire, England I29949
32 Lees, Sarah Elizabeth  1850Royton, Lancashire, England I29940
33 Lees, Susy  1832Royton, Lancashire, England I29936
34 Lees, Thomas  1842Royton, Lancashire, England I29939
35 Lees, William  1819Royton, Lancashire, England I29946
36 Morley, Eva  1903Royton, Lancashire, England I29804
37 Platt, Elizabeth  1828Royton, Lancashire, England I9385
38 Travis, Hannah  1810Royton, Lancashire, England I29886
39 Wolfenden, Ann  1786Royton, Lancashire, England I31554
40 Wolfenden, Robert  1834Royton, Lancashire, England I31549
41 Wolfenden, William  1825Royton, Lancashire, England I31548


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Andrew, John  28 Oct 1834Royton, Lancashire, England I29968