The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Oldham, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jane  1857Oldham, Lancashire, England I29170
2 Mary  1820Oldham, Lancashire, England I12227
3 Andrew, Andrew  1803Oldham, Lancashire, England I22032
4 Ashton, Alice  1802Oldham, Lancashire, England I13112
5 Ashton, David  1812Oldham, Lancashire, England I13113
6 Attack, Edith  1887Oldham, Lancashire, England I11525
7 Attack, Florence  1885Oldham, Lancashire, England I11524
8 Attack, Fred  1896Oldham, Lancashire, England I11494
9 Attack, Mawson  1898Oldham, Lancashire, England I11495
10 Attack, Walter  1881Oldham, Lancashire, England I11523
11 Burgess, Florence  1875Oldham, Lancashire, England I12241
12 Burgess, Florence  1891Oldham, Lancashire, England I18934
13 Burgess, John  1888Oldham, Lancashire, England I18933
14 Burgess, Lucy Ann  1884Oldham, Lancashire, England I18931
15 Burgess, Mary Elizabeth  1886Oldham, Lancashire, England I18932
16 Burgess, Priscilla  1865Oldham, Lancashire, England I12235
17 Burgess, Robert  1894Oldham, Lancashire, England I18935
18 Burgess, Sarah Elizabeth  1851Oldham, Lancashire, England I12226
19 Burgess, Tom  1873Oldham, Lancashire, England I12113
20 Chadwick, Elizabeth  1892Oldham, Lancashire, England I29958
21 Chadwick, Ellen  1890Oldham, Lancashire, England I29957
22 Chadwick, Hilda  1895Oldham, Lancashire, England I29959
23 Chadwick, John  1900Oldham, Lancashire, England I29960
24 Chadwick, Vira Andrew  28 Jul 1888Oldham, Lancashire, England I29956
25 Corket, Maria  Abt 1770Oldham, Lancashire, England I25450
26 Crowthers, Annie E  8 Feb 1846Oldham, Lancashire, England I3242
27 Dean, Agnes E  1874Oldham, Lancashire, England I21691
28 Dean, Alice  1881Oldham, Lancashire, England I21693
29 Dean, Harry  1878Oldham, Lancashire, England I21692
30 Fairbrother, Samuel  1873Oldham, Lancashire, England I31644
31 Fairbrother, Walter  1880Oldham, Lancashire, England I31645
32 Garner, Sarah Ann  1857Oldham, Lancashire, England I11476
33 Gartside, Minnie  3 Sep 1904Oldham, Lancashire, England I29928
34 Greaves, Jane  1801Oldham, Lancashire, England I22030
35 Hay, John James  1876Oldham, Lancashire, England I18945
36 Howcroft, Ralph  1855Oldham, Lancashire, England I28952
37 Lancashire, James Henry  1922Oldham, Lancashire, England I1394
38 Mathews, Sarah  1857Oldham, Lancashire, England I11522
39 McEwen, Annie  1872Oldham, Lancashire, England I18073
40 Nelson, Claretta  1858Oldham, Lancashire, England I25233
41 Nelson, Fanny  1852Oldham, Lancashire, England I25231
42 Nelson, Florence Ellen  2 Feb 1859Oldham, Lancashire, England I25220
43 Nelson, James  1 May 1835Oldham, Lancashire, England I25242
44 Nelson, Sidney  Feb 1851Oldham, Lancashire, England I25230
45 Nelson, William Henry  1854Oldham, Lancashire, England I25232
46 Newton, Louisa  1850Oldham, Lancashire, England I12240
47 Ogden, Catherine  1846Oldham, Lancashire, England I10839
48 Ogden, Charlotte  1838Oldham, Lancashire, England I10836
49 Ogden, Fred Smithies  1895Oldham, Lancashire, England I2879
50 Ogden, Robert  1844Oldham, Lancashire, England I10838

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Attack, James  1896Oldham, Lancashire, England I11492
2 Attack, Mawson  Oldham, Lancashire, England I11475
3 Attack, Mawson  1900Oldham, Lancashire, England I11495
4 Bardsley, Sidney  1856Oldham, Lancashire, England I18299
5 Dixon, Robert  1973Oldham, Lancashire, England I8080
6 Grice, John  10 Jun 1883Oldham, Lancashire, England I19312
7 Hay, James  1883Oldham, Lancashire, England I18936
8 McEwen, James  1877Oldham, Lancashire, England I18066
9 Nelson, Emma  1850Oldham, Lancashire, England I25235
10 Steel, Lucy  1877Oldham, Lancashire, England I18937
11 Whitehead, John  1869Oldham, Lancashire, England I12245


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Burgess, Samuel  18 Feb 1810Oldham, Lancashire, England I12208
2 Burgess, William  24 Jan 1808Oldham, Lancashire, England I12115
3 Nelson, Florence Ellen  4 Mar 1860Oldham, Lancashire, England I25220
4 Wild, John  20 Oct 1859Oldham, Lancashire, England I19425
5 Wild, Maria  12 Dec 1878Oldham, Lancashire, England I19428
6 Wild, Robert  6 Aug 1868Oldham, Lancashire, England I19427
7 Wild, Samuel  12 Dec 1878Oldham, Lancashire, England I19431


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Attack / Garner  1880Oldham, Lancashire, England F3716