The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Manchester, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  1795Manchester, Lancashire, England I24041
2 Ann  1835Manchester, Lancashire, England I24092
3 Annie  1842Manchester, Lancashire, England I31974
4 Elizabeth  1801Manchester, Lancashire, England I20017
5 Harriet  1812Manchester, Lancashire, England I23257
6 Jane  1802Manchester, Lancashire, England I2387
7 Margaret  1829Manchester, Lancashire, England I30427
8 Maria  1800Manchester, Lancashire, England I16129
9 Mary  1810Manchester, Lancashire, England I33225
10 Mary  1830Manchester, Lancashire, England I15180
11 Mary  1834Manchester, Lancashire, England I26937
12 Mary Ann.  1828Manchester, Lancashire, England I23990
13 Mary Ann.  1834Manchester, Lancashire, England I31221
14 Mary Ann.  1870Manchester, Lancashire, England I32188
15 Mary J.  1870Manchester, Lancashire, England I30033
16 Sarah  1818Manchester, Lancashire, England I21709
17 Acarnley, Caroline  1835Manchester, Lancashire, England I24707
18 Ainsworth, Albert  1862Manchester, Lancashire, England I9381
19 Ainsworth, Edward  1851Manchester, Lancashire, England I28338
20 Ainsworth, Elizabeth  1854Manchester, Lancashire, England I28339
21 Ainsworth, William  1890Manchester, Lancashire, England I28336
22 Allen, Ann  1844Manchester, Lancashire, England I25368
23 Allen, Elizabeth  1806Manchester, Lancashire, England I13445
24 Bailey, Maria  Abt 1809Manchester, Lancashire, England I22906
25 Ballarini, Domonic  1905Manchester, Lancashire, England I26971
26 Ballarini, Johnny  1909Manchester, Lancashire, England I26973
27 Ballarini, Josafine  1906Manchester, Lancashire, England I26972
28 Ballarini, Nicholas  7 May 1917Manchester, Lancashire, England I26961
29 Bancroft, Caroline  1843Manchester, Lancashire, England I15090
30 Barber, Mary  1806Manchester, Lancashire, England I19995
31 Barlow, Elizabeth  14 May 1884Manchester, Lancashire, England I31373
32 Barnes, Ann (?)  1812Manchester, Lancashire, England I13002
33 Battersby, Annie  1856Manchester, Lancashire, England I26507
34 Battersby, Elizabeth  1850Manchester, Lancashire, England I26506
35 Battersby, John  2 Aug 1846Manchester, Lancashire, England I26509
36 Battersby, William  15 May 1844Manchester, Lancashire, England I26508
37 Baxendale, Annie  1893Manchester, Lancashire, England I24088
38 Baxendale, Arthur  1910Manchester, Lancashire, England I24090
39 Baxendale, David  1837Manchester, Lancashire, England I24099
40 Baxendale, Edward (Henry)  1842Manchester, Lancashire, England I24101
41 Baxendale, Edwin  1897Manchester, Lancashire, England I24089
42 Baxendale, Elizabeth  1795Manchester, Lancashire, England I24110
43 Baxendale, Frederick  1839Manchester, Lancashire, England I24098
44 Baxendale, John  1765Manchester, Lancashire, England I24107
45 Baxendale, John  1793Manchester, Lancashire, England I24109
46 Baxendale, John  1803Manchester, Lancashire, England I24096
47 Baxendale, John  1828Manchester, Lancashire, England I24104
48 Baxendale, John Thomas  1843Manchester, Lancashire, England I24100
49 Baxendale, Jonathon  1835Manchester, Lancashire, England I24091
50 Baxendale, Joseph Massey  1833Manchester, Lancashire, England I24103

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1852Manchester, Lancashire, England I20015
2 Elizabeth  1882Manchester, Lancashire, England I20017
3 Baxendale, William  1861-1865Manchester, Lancashire, England I24095
4 Bennett, Mr  Bef 1861Manchester, Lancashire, England I20019
5 Birch, Richard  C1869Manchester, Lancashire, England I11742
6 Braham, Mary Ann  1810Manchester, Lancashire, England I24810
7 Briggs, George William Lowndes  1977Manchester, Lancashire, England I29345
8 Brown, Arthur Bonner  5 Sep 1953Manchester, Lancashire, England I1825
9 Brown, Ben  1915Manchester, Lancashire, England I19990
10 Brown, David  Bef 1881Manchester, Lancashire, England I19992
11 Butler, Catherine  1862Manchester, Lancashire, England I16113
12 Chamley, Jean  23 May 1998Manchester, Lancashire, England I10585
13 Charlesworth, Vincent  1973Manchester, Lancashire, England I9855
14 Chorlton, Richard  1840Manchester, Lancashire, England I26574
15 Connor, John  Bef 1871Manchester, Lancashire, England I19381
16 Covill, Isaac  1935Manchester, Lancashire, England I31984
17 Cunningham, Joseph  1875Manchester, Lancashire, England I31256
18 Curtin, Olga  1944Manchester, Lancashire, England I25616
19 Davies, Elizabeth  Aft 1891Manchester, Lancashire, England I19993
20 Eachus, Frances  1900Manchester, Lancashire, England I1018
21 Eachus, Robert  1945Manchester, Lancashire, England I1246
22 Eachus, Ronald  31 Dec 1994Manchester, Lancashire, England I1786
23 Eachus, Ronald Edward  1962Manchester, Lancashire, England I1795
24 Etches, Valarie  1947Manchester, Lancashire, England I10466
25 Gould, Amy Bonner  1916Manchester, Lancashire, England I19991
26 Grice, Mary  29 Jul 1895Manchester, Lancashire, England I19323
27 Grundy, Benjamin (Ben)  1939Manchester, Lancashire, England I1228
28 Hilldrup, Joseph  1836Manchester, Lancashire, England I25441
29 Hilldrup, Maria  1797Manchester, Lancashire, England I25458
30 Hodgkinson, Susanna  22 Dec 1883Manchester, Lancashire, England I12913
31 Holland, Samuel  1629Manchester, Lancashire, England I28659
32 Hope, John  1886Manchester, Lancashire, England I24051
33 Jelly, Elizabeth  1966Manchester, Lancashire, England I25347
34 Johnson, Jane  1886Manchester, Lancashire, England I9392
35 Jones, Clarice Dixon  1970Manchester, Lancashire, England I33934
36 Lawman, Edward  1897Manchester, Lancashire, England I11751
37 Lee, Clara  1934Manchester, Lancashire, England I25613
38 Lipman, Hannah  1 Mar 1927Manchester, Lancashire, England I24814
39 Lipman, Joseph Braham  1848Manchester, Lancashire, England I24816
40 Mather, Samuel  1890Manchester, Lancashire, England I24112
41 McCabe, Henrietta Maria  1941Manchester, Lancashire, England I24822
42 Murray, Lewis  1917Manchester, Lancashire, England I1357
43 Parker, John  1851-1861Manchester, Lancashire, England I24750
44 Paul, Thomas  1892Manchester, Lancashire, England I15558
45 Phythian, Samuel  1911Manchester, Lancashire, England I19879
46 Rayner, Elsie  17 Nov 2014Manchester, Lancashire, England I10679
47 Riley, Jessie  1990Manchester, Lancashire, England I2318
48 Robinson, Hannah  21 Jan 1946Manchester, Lancashire, England I11474
49 Rourke, James Edward  1958Manchester, Lancashire, England I28417
50 Rourke, Leslie  29 Jun 1991Manchester, Lancashire, England I25354

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Curtis, Charlotte  29 May 1840Manchester, Lancashire, England I25161
2 Curtis, Henry Edward  28 Feb 1843Manchester, Lancashire, England I25162
3 Dickinson, Lot  25 Jan 1795Manchester, Lancashire, England I14540
4 Hilldrup, Mary Ann  27 Jul 1831Manchester, Lancashire, England I25443
5 Hurdus, Henry  22 Jun 1845Manchester, Lancashire, England I22024
6 Hurdus, Thomas  6 Jul 1836Manchester, Lancashire, England I22025
7 Smith, Jennie  20 Apr 1893Manchester, Lancashire, England I33345
8 Wolstanholme, Frederick  28 Mar 1880Manchester, Lancashire, England I23610
9 Wolstenholme, Florence  27 Sep 1882Manchester, Lancashire, England I23609
10 Wolstenholme, Selina Annie  8 Apr 1891Manchester, Lancashire, England I23690


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Berry / Bradshaw  28 Jun 1829Manchester, Lancashire, England F5243
2 Bradshaw / Johnson  1 Mar 1829Manchester, Lancashire, England F5774
3 Etches / Ebbrell  1954Manchester, Lancashire, England F3449
4 Leadbeater / Wilson  10 May 1941Manchester, Lancashire, England F6152
5 Norris / Germain  1856Manchester, Lancashire, England F3324
6 Sandiford / Robinson  3 Sep 1892Manchester, Lancashire, England F6888