The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Liverpool, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret  1853Liverpool, Lancashire, England I30987
2 Margaret  1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I28048
3 Mary Jane.  1830Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9433
4 Anyon, Joseph  1691Liverpool, Lancashire, England I20686
5 Ashcroft, Edward  29 Jul 1781Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11888
6 Ashcroft, Robert  18 Dec 1822Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11901
7 Ashcroft, Thomas  21 Jan 1821Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11900
8 Atkins, Louisa Jane  1859Liverpool, Lancashire, England I31309
9 Barton, John Alfred Arthur  1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I17664
10 Bell, Edgar A  1886Liverpool, Lancashire, England I26975
11 Booth, William  Abt 1810Liverpool, Lancashire, England I33882
12 Boyle, Claude Augustus  1920Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10129
13 Boyle, Joseph  1915Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10128
14 Brean, Kathleen Christine  1895Liverpool, Lancashire, England I27905
15 Burghall, Frederick William  3 Oct 1859Liverpool, Lancashire, England I33282
16 Burghall, Horace  1866Liverpool, Lancashire, England I33295
17 Burghall, John  1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I33293
18 Chambers, Thomas  1847Liverpool, Lancashire, England I31129
19 Connolly, Alice Maud  1868Liverpool, Lancashire, England I30611
20 Cormack, George  1885Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8851
21 Cormack, Norman  1887Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8852
22 Cormack, Ronald  1883Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8850
23 Coulton, William Walter  1833Liverpool, Lancashire, England I22873
24 Cutler, Charlotte  1841Liverpool, Lancashire, England I33292
25 Dearden, Annie  1902Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10124
26 Dearden, Ellen  1901Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10123
27 Dearden, Katherine  1898Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10121
28 Dearden, Margaret Ann  17 Dec 1895Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10120
29 Dearden, Mary  28 Jun 1900Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10122
30 Done, Adeth  1889Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9971
31 Done, Edwin  1888Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9970
32 Done, Lilley  1887Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9969
33 Durose, Annie Hopley  1862Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8969
34 Eastwood, Ann  C1813Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10043
35 Germain, Harriet  1837Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10045
36 German, Mary A  1842Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10048
37 Green, Catherine  1761Liverpool, Lancashire, England I26225
38 Grice, Thomas John  1874Liverpool, Lancashire, England I29139
39 Hammersley, Eliza Jane  1832-1839Liverpool, Lancashire, England I22919
40 Henry, Elizabeth  1828Liverpool, Lancashire, England I6361
41 Holden, Mary Ann  1847Liverpool, Lancashire, England I14140
42 Hoyle, Joshua  17 Aug 1811Liverpool, Lancashire, England I22905
43 Jameson, Eliza  1838Liverpool, Lancashire, England I19263
44 Jameson, James  1836Liverpool, Lancashire, England I19262
45 Kilkelly, Sarah  C1848Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8988
46 Lightfoot, Ann  2 Jan 1790Liverpool, Lancashire, England I25482
47 Lightfoot, Ann  1830Liverpool, Lancashire, England I19924
48 Lightfoot, Colby  1831Liverpool, Lancashire, England I19925
49 Lightfoot, Henry  1832Liverpool, Lancashire, England I19923
50 Lightfoot, James  11 Jan 1812Liverpool, Lancashire, England I25481

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Charlesworth, Grenville  1941Liverpool, Lancashire, England I9852
2 Derbyshire, Mary Elizabeth  1927Liverpool, Lancashire, England I25583
3 Dutton, Jonathan  17 Dec 1838Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11007
4 Massey, Charles  1910Liverpool, Lancashire, England I16851
5 Morton, Ann Jane  1914Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10105
6 Murrell, Terence Joseph  30 Nov 1995Liverpool, Lancashire, England I10140
7 Raven, William Oswald  18 Feb 1867Liverpool, Lancashire, England I21754
8 Sproston, Ann  1863Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8343
9 Walker, Jane  1861-1869Liverpool, Lancashire, England I22734
10 Walmsley, Sarah  20 Oct 1791Liverpool, Lancashire, England I18287


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Siddeley, Samuel  13 Jun 1883Liverpool, Lancashire, England I23300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Anyon, Joseph  20 Sep 1691Liverpool, Lancashire, England I20686
2 Smith, Harold Edward  29 Dec 1867Liverpool, Lancashire, England I13244
3 Tatham, Hannah  1 Apr 1780Liverpool, Lancashire, England I30337
4 Tyrer, Ellen  2 Jan 1763Liverpool, Lancashire, England I30055


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Sugden / Gray  1942Liverpool, Lancashire, England F8042