The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Lavenham, Suffolk, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ambrose, Sarah  1795Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12741
2 Howe, Ann  1789Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12737
3 Marsh, Joan  1586Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12799
4 Marshall, Benjamine  1779Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12735
5 Mills, Alice  1619Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12808
6 Mills, Ann  1655Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12800
7 Mills, Ann  1733Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12777
8 Mills, Ann  1784Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12734
9 Mills, Benjamine  1787Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12736
10 Mills, Benjamine  1815Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12836
11 Mills, Charles  1834Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12812
12 Mills, Daniel  1653Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12801
13 Mills, Daniel  1677Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12786
14 Mills, Daniel  1692Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12796
15 Mills, Elizabeth  1657Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12802
16 Mills, Elizabeth  1731Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12775
17 Mills, Elizabeth  1825Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12835
18 Mills, Elizabeth  1831Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12820
19 Mills, Emma  1829Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12819
20 Mills, Francis  1660Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12803
21 Mills, Frederick  1832Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12811
22 Mills, George  1837Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12821
23 Mills, Harriet  1813Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12834
24 Mills, Harriet  1837Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12813
25 Mills, Henry  1791Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12738
26 Mills, Isaac  1795Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12743
27 Mills, Isaac  1843Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12829
28 Mills, James  1696Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12745
29 Mills, James  1721Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12726
30 Mills, James  1746Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12747
31 Mills, James  1826Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12815
32 Mills, Jessie  1875Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12833
33 Mills, John  1679Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12787
34 Mills, John  Abt 1754Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12724
35 Mills, John  1777Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12730
36 Mills, John Kent  1687Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12793
37 Mills, Joseph  1752Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12751
38 Mills, Joseph Souter  1723Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12769
39 Mills, Margaret  1694Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12797
40 Mills, Mary  1685Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12792
41 Mills, Mary  1717Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12767
42 Mills, Mary  3 Mar 1756Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12753
43 Mills, Mary  1825Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12818
44 Mills, Rebecca  1735Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12778
45 Mills, Richard  1824Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12817
46 Mills, Robert  1846Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12830
47 Mills, Samuel  1840Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12816
48 Mills, Sarah  1660Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12804
49 Mills, Sarah  1680Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12788
50 Mills, Sarah  1739Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12779

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ambrose, Sarah  1825Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12741
2 Howe, Ann  1840Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12737
3 Marshall, Benjamine  1839Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12735
4 Mills, Benjamine  1846Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12736
5 Mills, Daniel  1691Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12786
6 Mills, Isaac  1888Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12743
7 Mills, James  1783Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12745
8 Mills, John  1679Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12787
9 Mills, John Kent  1689Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12793
10 Mills, Joseph  1812Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12751
11 Mills, Joseph Souter  1797Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12769
12 Mills, Mary  1691Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12792
13 Mills, Rebecca  1788Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12778
14 Mills, Thomas  1838Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12754
15 Mills, Ursula  1720Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12768
16 Mills, Ursula  1730Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12794
17 Mills, William  1649Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12798
18 Mills, William  1685Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12780
19 Mills, William  1697Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12765
20 Mills, William  1704Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12784
21 Nunn, Mary  1716Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12791
22 Souter, Susan  1763Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12746
23 Sterne, Ann  Abt 1839Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12725
24 Sterne, John  1772Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12728
25 Westrop, Mary  1765Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12727


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cross, Mary  8 May 1844Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12731
2 Mills, Ann  30 Jan 1848Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12734
3 Mills, Benjamine  29 Oct 1846Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12736
4 Mills, John  9 Feb 1855Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12730


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Mills, Alice  19 Dec 1619Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12808
2 Mills, Daniel  11 Oct 1653Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12801
3 Mills, Thomas  30 Aug 1682Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12790
4 Mills, William  28 Apr 1622Lavenham, Suffolk, England I12780


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dansie / Mills  1720Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4053
2 Marshall / Mills  2 Jan 1805Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4029
3 Mills / Ambrose  21 Dec 1817Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4032
4 Mills / Bruce  29 Oct 1814Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4031
5 Mills / Bruce  5 Nov 1824Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4034
6 Mills / Gladwell  8 Dec 1783Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4039
7 Mills / Gosling  22 May 1753Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4045
8 Mills / Hempstead  20 May 1771Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4037
9 Mills / Howe  8 May 1808Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4030
10 Mills / Kent  28 Jan 1674Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4044
11 Mills / Mower  19 Feb 1779Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4038
12 Mills / Neale  1 Jul 1650Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4048
13 Mills / Nunn  30 Oct 1704Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4052
14 Mills / Osban  24 Jun 1701Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4050
15 Mills / Smith  3 Jul 1827Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4033
16 Mills / Souter  1717Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4035
17 Mills / Sterne  10 Feb 1777Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4024
18 Mills / Went  18 Oct 1773Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4036
19 Mills / Westrop  2 Mar 1746Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4025
20 Ranson / Mills  7 Jan 1769Lavenham, Suffolk, England F4047