The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Eastbourne, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anne  Abt 1710Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29711
2 Akehurst, Elizabeth  1717Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29717
3 Head, Judith  1664Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29727
4 Herriott, Ann  1685Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29713
5 Holloway, Albert H  1868Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29701
6 Hurst, Edward  1681Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29712
7 Hurst, Edward  1707Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29710
8 Hurst, Edward  1735Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29708
9 Hurst, Harriet  29 Aug 1792Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29703
10 Hurst, Mary  1710Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33921
11 Hurst, Robert  9 Dec 1762Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29706
12 Hurst, William  1717Eastbourne, Sussex, England I33922
13 Marchant, Charles  1739Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29714
14 Marchant, Mary  1763Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29707
15 Marden, John  1664Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29726
16 Marden, John  1687Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29724
17 Marden, Mary  1713Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29721
18 Marden, Robert  1629Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29728
19 Marden, Thomas  1592Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29732
20 Pocock, Ann  1824Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29753
21 Pocock, Caroline  1833Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29740
22 Pocock, Charles  1816Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29744
23 Pocock, Eliza  1825Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29737
24 Pocock, George  1814Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29742
25 Pocock, Hannah  1820Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29690
26 Pocock, Harriet  1817Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29747
27 Pocock, James  1830Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29738
28 Pocock, Jane  1828Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29754
29 Pocock, Louisa  1832Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29739
30 Pocock, Mary  1819Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29749
31 Pocock, Richard  1827Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29741
32 Pocock, Robert  1822Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29752
33 Pocock, Sarah  1820Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29751
34 Verrall, Ann  1741Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29715
35 Verrall, Richard  1717Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29720


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cotterill, Lawrence Gorden  22 Oct 1981Eastbourne, Sussex, England I15695
2 Earle, Agnes  1631Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29733
3 Head, Judith  1743Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29727
4 Hurst, Robert  1842Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29706
5 Joy, Parnell  1690Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29729
6 Marchant, Charles  1818Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29714
7 Marchant, John  1761Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29716
8 Marchant, Mary  1832Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29707
9 Marden, Mary  1787Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29721
10 Marden, Thomas  1638Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29732
11 Pocock, Caroline  1870Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29740
12 Pocock, Charles  1889Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29744
13 Pocock, Mary  1846Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29749
14 Pocock, Richard  1862Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29741
15 Verrall, Richard  1787Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29720


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Earle, Agnes  21 Apr 1631Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29733
2 Head, Judith  25 Jul 1743Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29727
3 Herriott, Ann  27 Sep 1740Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29713
4 Hurst, Edward  11 Nov 1794Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29708
5 Joy, Parnell  18 Jun 1690Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29729
6 Marchant, Charles  7 Jun 1818Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29714
7 Marchant, John  27 Jan 1761Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29716
8 Marden, Mary  25 Nov 1787Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29721
9 Marden, Thomas  211011638Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29732
10 Verrall, Richard  19 Jan 1787Eastbourne, Sussex, England I29720


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Holloway / Pocock  1868Eastbourne, Sussex, England F7088
2 Pocock / Hook  1865Eastbourne, Sussex, England F3366