The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Disley, Cheshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  1817Disley, Cheshire, England I19773
2 Bennett, Ann  1818Disley, Cheshire, England I10346
3 Fletcher, Alice  7 Mar 1839Disley, Cheshire, England I19767
4 Fletcher, Catherine  21 Sep 1827Disley, Cheshire, England I19765
5 Fletcher, Catherine  1863Disley, Cheshire, England I19754
6 Fletcher, Elizabeth  18 Mar 1820Disley, Cheshire, England I19766
7 Fletcher, George  24 Aug 1844Disley, Cheshire, England I19764
8 Fletcher, Hannah  26 May 1823Disley, Cheshire, England I19768
9 Fletcher, James  18 Oct 1825Disley, Cheshire, England I19769
10 Fletcher, Mary  5 Feb 1831Disley, Cheshire, England I19761
11 Fletcher, Mary Alice  13 Jul 1860Disley, Cheshire, England I19757
12 Fletcher, Matthew  7 May 1833Disley, Cheshire, England I19752
13 Fletcher, Sarah  7 Mar 1839Disley, Cheshire, England I19763
14 Fletcher, Thomas  18 Jun 1836Disley, Cheshire, England I19762
15 Gaskell, Albert  1883Disley, Cheshire, England I10941
16 Gaskell, Ann  20 Sep 1848Disley, Cheshire, England I10919
17 Gaskell, Annie  1877Disley, Cheshire, England I10934
18 Gaskell, Edward  1830Disley, Cheshire, England I10926
19 Gaskell, Elizabeth  May 1850Disley, Cheshire, England I19776
20 Gaskell, Emma  1887Disley, Cheshire, England I10939
21 Gaskell, Frank  1886Disley, Cheshire, England I10938
22 Gaskell, George  15 Aug 1817Disley, Cheshire, England I10924
23 Gaskell, George  1845Disley, Cheshire, England I19775
24 Gaskell, George  26 Aug 1857Disley, Cheshire, England I10927
25 Gaskell, Hannah  1842Disley, Cheshire, England I19774
26 Gaskell, Harriet  6 Dec 1875Disley, Cheshire, England I10933
27 Gaskell, James  1781Disley, Cheshire, England I10922
28 Gaskell, James Robert  1890Disley, Cheshire, England I10940
29 Gaskell, John  22 Jun 1820Disley, Cheshire, England I10916
30 Gaskell, John Henry  1879Disley, Cheshire, England I10935
31 Gaskell, John William  9 May 1868Disley, Cheshire, England I10928
32 Gaskell, Martha Ellen  23 Feb 1861Disley, Cheshire, England I10921
33 Gaskell, Mary  1840Disley, Cheshire, England I19777
34 Gaskell, Mary  3 Jul 1846Disley, Cheshire, England I10918
35 Gaskell, Mary E  1883Disley, Cheshire, England I10937
36 Gaskell, Robert  17 Aug 1825Disley, Cheshire, England I10925
37 Gaskell, Sarah  18 Mar 1855Disley, Cheshire, England I10920
38 Gaskell, Sarah Ann  1836Disley, Cheshire, England I19753
39 Gaskell, Thomas  Dec 1880Disley, Cheshire, England I10936
40 Gaskell, William  1813Disley, Cheshire, England I19772
41 Gaskell, William Thomas  1853Disley, Cheshire, England I19778
42 Green, John  1846Disley, Cheshire, England I9124
43 Rhodes, James Thomas  1851Disley, Cheshire, England I9123
44 Swindles, Bertha  Jan 1881Disley, Cheshire, England I10930
45 Swindles, Daniel  1670Disley, Cheshire, England I12992
46 Swindles, Daniel  1709Disley, Cheshire, England I13188
47 Swindles, Ellen  1685Disley, Cheshire, England I13202
48 Swindles, Emily  1713Disley, Cheshire, England I13187
49 Swindles, Francis  1706Disley, Cheshire, England I12928
50 Swindles, Francis  1737Disley, Cheshire, England I12891

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Fletcher, Alice  22 Jun 1842Disley, Cheshire, England I19767
2 Swindles, Daniel  1717Disley, Cheshire, England I13188
3 Swindles, Daniel  1728Disley, Cheshire, England I12992
4 Swindles, Daniel  1772Disley, Cheshire, England I13197
5 Taylor, John  1838Disley, Cheshire, England I26367


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Swindles, Francis  9 May 1743Disley, Cheshire, England I12928