The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Cornwall, England



Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jane  Abt 1735Cornwall, England I15467
2 Julia  Abt 1710Cornwall, England I15465
3 Avery, Joan  1720Cornwall, England I14022
4 Bath, Richard  1602Cornwall, England I14076
5 Binny, Elizabeth  1760Cornwall, England I15405
6 Binny, Richard  Abt 1735Cornwall, England I15462
7 Bray, William  Abt 1715Cornwall, England I14126
8 Carthew, Anne  1742Cornwall, England I14011
9 Crabb, Mary  Abt 1775Cornwall, England I15393
10 Crews, Mary  Abt 1775Cornwall, England I15389
11 Edwards, Henry  1679Cornwall, England I14067
12 Ellery, Betty  1784Cornwall, England I15490
13 Ellery, Catherine  1799Cornwall, England I15486
14 Ellery, Jane  1796Cornwall, England I15488
15 Ellery, John  1782Cornwall, England I15489
16 Ellery, Marrianne  1793Cornwall, England I15485
17 Ellery, Philip  1782Cornwall, England I15487
18 Ellery, Thomas  Abt 1760Cornwall, England I15398
19 Harder, John  Abt 1665Cornwall, England I14123
20 Hicks, Richard  Abt 1735Cornwall, England I15466
21 Hicks, Richard  1762Cornwall, England I15404
22 Hockie, Jane  1695Cornwall, England I14047
23 Hodge, Joan  Abt 1685Cornwall, England I24498
24 Lea, Ann  1606Cornwall, England I14090
25 Levereton, Ann  1735Cornwall, England I15463
26 Leverton, John  Abt 1710Cornwall, England I15464
27 Lyne, Benjamin Hart  1806Cornwall, England I14002
28 Narcollas, Betsey  1820Cornwall, England I21725
29 Rawle, Jane  1727Cornwall, England I14053
30 Rawle, John  1520Cornwall, England I14125
31 Rawle, Mary Magdeline  1715Cornwall, England I14036
32 Rawle, William  Abt 1480Cornwall, England I14110
33 Rawle, William  1515Cornwall, England I14095
34 Rawle, William  1715Cornwall, England I14021
35 Reed, Mary  Abt 1765Cornwall, England I24496
36 Sweet, Mary  1690Cornwall, England I14049
37 Taylor, Margaret  1685Cornwall, England I14035
38 Tregonning, Hugh  Abt 1680Cornwall, England I24511
39 Treweek, John  1646Cornwall, England I24335
40 Treweek, Walter  1687Cornwall, England I24312
41 Weeks, Richard  Abt 1775Cornwall, England I15392
42 Westlake, Richard  Abt 1580Cornwall, England I14084
43 Wills, Lucretia  Abt 1620Cornwall, England I24344