The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Warrington, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1802Warrington, Lancashire, England I13819
2 Emma  1804Warrington, Lancashire, England I32715
3 Jane  1813Warrington, Lancashire, England I2854
4 Atherton, Amy (Emma)  30 Jan 1817Warrington, Lancashire, England I15280
5 Atherton, Elizabeth  8 Oct 1812Warrington, Lancashire, England I15260
6 Atherton, Elizabeth  1844Warrington, Lancashire, England I19206
7 Atherton, Emma  1850Warrington, Lancashire, England I19208
8 Atherton, John  13 Nov 1814Warrington, Lancashire, England I15282
9 Atherton, Joseph  17 Apr 1811Warrington, Lancashire, England I15281
10 Atherton, Martha  1848Warrington, Lancashire, England I15267
11 Atherton, Mary  1846Warrington, Lancashire, England I19207
12 Atherton, Sarah  1853Warrington, Lancashire, England I19209
13 Atkins, Wilfred  1880Warrington, Lancashire, England I27340
14 Bellis, Charles  1822Warrington, Lancashire, England I15139
15 Bellis, Frances  1830Warrington, Lancashire, England I15134
16 Bellis, James  Abt 1816Warrington, Lancashire, England I15137
17 Bellis, John  Abt 1816Warrington, Lancashire, England I15136
18 Bellis, John  1825Warrington, Lancashire, England I1302
19 Bellis, Mary  1827Warrington, Lancashire, England I15133
20 Bellis, Samuel  1833Warrington, Lancashire, England I15135
21 Bellis, William  1818Warrington, Lancashire, England I15138
22 Burrows, Thomas  1822Warrington, Lancashire, England I15283
23 Clark, Ann  1734Warrington, Lancashire, England I16367
24 Denson, Hannah  1841Warrington, Lancashire, England I25828
25 Fisher, Margaret  1836Warrington, Lancashire, England I16407
26 Forster, Alice  1803Warrington, Lancashire, England I18328
27 Forster, Ellen  1834Warrington, Lancashire, England I18329
28 Forster, Isaac  1779Warrington, Lancashire, England I18322
29 Forster, Mary  1800Warrington, Lancashire, England I9411
30 Forster, Thomas  1808Warrington, Lancashire, England I18331
31 Forster, William  1777Warrington, Lancashire, England I20492
32 Garnett, Thomas  Abt 1730Warrington, Lancashire, England I1642
33 Gerrard, Amy  1837Warrington, Lancashire, England I15258
34 Gordon, John  1793Warrington, Lancashire, England I2803
35 Gotts, Emily Louisa  1876Warrington, Lancashire, England I32699
36 Gotts, John T  1874Warrington, Lancashire, England I32714
37 Gregg, Betty  1827Warrington, Lancashire, England I33273
38 Gregg, Hannah  1838Warrington, Lancashire, England I33278
39 Gregg, Henry  1834Warrington, Lancashire, England I33276
40 Gregg, John  1830Warrington, Lancashire, England I33274
41 Gregg, Joseph  1832Warrington, Lancashire, England I33275
42 Gregg, Margaret  1841Warrington, Lancashire, England I13813
43 Gregg, Sarah  1836Warrington, Lancashire, England I33277
44 Hatton, Ellen  Abt 1795Warrington, Lancashire, England I20993
45 Hewitt, Mary  1830Warrington, Lancashire, England I20463
46 Holmes, Mary  1803Warrington, Lancashire, England I18324
47 James, Edward  1890Warrington, Lancashire, England I17313
48 James, Florrie  1893Warrington, Lancashire, England I17314
49 Kirk, Mary Ann  1876Warrington, Lancashire, England I9421
50 Kirk, Robert  1860Warrington, Lancashire, England I12878

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Margaret  1903Warrington, Lancashire, England I17306
2 Birchall, James  1849Warrington, Lancashire, England I19198
3 Gregg, John  1847Warrington, Lancashire, England I13820
4 Kirk, Thomas Stubs  1877Warrington, Lancashire, England I12877
5 Pear, Catherine  1848Warrington, Lancashire, England I16385
6 Seed, Ellen  1874Warrington, Lancashire, England I16409
7 Stirrup, Catherine  1848Warrington, Lancashire, England I16392


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Ainsworth, Lilian  11 Aug 1896Warrington, Lancashire, England I23178
2 Nichols, Joseph  2 Nov 1828Warrington, Lancashire, England I20469
3 Nichols, Martha  7 Nov 1824Warrington, Lancashire, England I20468
4 Nichols, Peter  23 Nov 1834Warrington, Lancashire, England I20465
5 Nichols, William  31 Jul 1831Warrington, Lancashire, England I20470
6 Sankey, Ann  28 Jan 1781Warrington, Lancashire, England I16382
7 Sankey, Betty  20 Sep 1778Warrington, Lancashire, England I16381
8 Smith, Margaret  April 1840Warrington, Lancashire, England I20472


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bellis / Ellam  31 Jul 1815Warrington, Lancashire, England F4652
2 Bowen / Atherton  1872Warrington, Lancashire, England F4685
3 Dunville / Taylor  4 Mar 1711Warrington, Lancashire, England F2817
4 Forster / Gee  27 Apr 1800Warrington, Lancashire, England F5415
5 Garnett / Eachus  1755Warrington, Lancashire, England F808
6 Kirk / Wild  1858Warrington, Lancashire, England F4064
7 Moss / Ellams  20 Dec 1839Warrington, Lancashire, England F6464
8 Sankey / Faulkner  20 Jun 1815Warrington, Lancashire, England F4974
9 Sankey / Fisher  1859Warrington, Lancashire, England F4981
10 Sankey / Pear  8 Oct 1811Warrington, Lancashire, England F4970
11 Sankey / Rigby  1843Warrington, Lancashire, England F4977
12 Smith / Forster  29 Oct 1821Warrington, Lancashire, England F3184
13 Smith / Hewitt  1851Warrington, Lancashire, England F5887
14 Yarwood / Hampson  17 Jun 1815Warrington, Lancashire, England F4941