The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Staffordshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amelia  1800Staffordshire, England I19792
2 Anne  Abt 1750Staffordshire, England I21258
3 Hannah  Abt 1775Staffordshire, England I26103
4 Mary  Abt 1755Staffordshire, England I31091
5 Mary  1790Staffordshire, England I15575
6 Sarah  Abt 1800Staffordshire, England I31592
7 Bagnall, John  Abt 1750Staffordshire, England I21244
8 Barrat, Mary  Abt 1730Staffordshire, England I27067
9 Bayley, Mary  1800Staffordshire, England I14759
10 Billinge, Alice  1834Staffordshire, England I24800
11 Bratton, Ellen  1789Staffordshire, England I25704
12 Burgess, Elizabeth  1835Staffordshire, England I7461
13 Burgess, Mary  1838Staffordshire, England I7521
14 Burgess, Nancy  1828Staffordshire, England I7460
15 Dabbs, Joseph  1791Staffordshire, England I11819
16 Dale, Samuel  Abt 1800Staffordshire, England I31591
17 Eachus, John  1807Staffordshire, England I140
18 Eachus, Mary  1807Staffordshire, England I139
19 Faulkner, William  1822Staffordshire, England I31404
20 Fellows, Elizabeth  1820Staffordshire, England I27118
21 Fellows, Martha  1830Staffordshire, England I27120
22 Fellows, Mary  1840Staffordshire, England I27121
23 Fowell, Elizabeth  1866Staffordshire, England I19285
24 Grainger, John  1845Staffordshire, England I12903
25 Grainger, Mary (?)  Abt 1762Staffordshire, England I12910
26 Green, Ellen  1806Staffordshire, England I15025
27 Green, George  Abt 1750Staffordshire, England I21257
28 Hallam, Robert  1675Staffordshire, England I29455
29 Harper, John  Abt 1765Staffordshire, England I15875
30 Johnson, Kate  Abt 1790Staffordshire, England I23519
31 Latimer, Samuel  Abt 1780Staffordshire, England I17780
32 Lawton, Mary Ann  C1835Staffordshire, England I12545
33 Ledward, Richard  1770Staffordshire, England I29382
34 Lovatt, Ann  1761Staffordshire, England I29376
35 Lovatt, Catherine  1759Staffordshire, England I29374
36 Lovatt, Charles  1763Staffordshire, England I29375
37 Lovatt, Elizabeth  1768Staffordshire, England I29378
38 Lovatt, Frances  1771Staffordshire, England I29379
39 Lovatt, Jane  1766Staffordshire, England I29373
40 Lovatt, John  1757Staffordshire, England I29380
41 Lovatt, Kezia  1775Staffordshire, England I29381
42 Morrey, Thomas  1800Staffordshire, England I1284
43 Moss, Ann  1792Staffordshire, England I15022
44 Moss, James  1751Staffordshire, England I15010
45 Moss, James  1786Staffordshire, England I15018
46 Moss, John  1748Staffordshire, England I15015
47 Moss, Joseph  1799Staffordshire, England I15021
48 Moss, Josiah  1794Staffordshire, England I15019
49 Moss, Mary  1756Staffordshire, England I15016
50 Moss, Mathew  1742Staffordshire, England I15014

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amison, James  1880Staffordshire, England I25215
2 Amison, James  10 Dec 1933Staffordshire, England I1473
3 Biddle, Ann  1684Staffordshire, England I3731
4 Birks, Mary  16 Mar 1910Staffordshire, England I25699
5 Brinton, Thomas  1612Staffordshire, England I6596
6 Moss, Ann  1793Staffordshire, England I15022
7 Myatt, Catherine  1854Staffordshire, England I32409
8 Nelson, Florence Ellen  1942Staffordshire, England I25220
9 Slinn, James  1851Staffordshire, England I32397
10 Smith, Sarah  1876Staffordshire, England I25216
11 Wright, Thomas  17 Oct 1888Staffordshire, England I25698


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Grindley /   Abt 1730Staffordshire, England F7998