The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Preston, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annie  1875Preston, Lancashire, England I31811
2 Elizabeth  1790Preston, Lancashire, England I24302
3 Atherton, Alice  1839Preston, Lancashire, England I27319
4 Atherton, Charles  1851Preston, Lancashire, England I27304
5 Attwater, Annie  1893Preston, Lancashire, England I31718
6 Attwater, Arthur  1897Preston, Lancashire, England I31763
7 Attwater, Charles  1872Preston, Lancashire, England I31731
8 Attwater, Christopher  7 Dec 1875Preston, Lancashire, England I31733
9 Attwater, Clara  1870Preston, Lancashire, England I31737
10 Attwater, Elsie  26 Jul 1901Preston, Lancashire, England I31757
11 Attwater, Ernest  26 Sep 1897Preston, Lancashire, England I31713
12 Attwater, Frederick  1892Preston, Lancashire, England I31717
13 Attwater, Frederick  1895Preston, Lancashire, England I31762
14 Attwater, George Frederick  1868Preston, Lancashire, England I31736
15 Attwater, Henry  1891Preston, Lancashire, England I31760
16 Attwater, Louie  1887Preston, Lancashire, England I31758
17 Attwater, Mabel  1889Preston, Lancashire, England I31765
18 Attwater, Margaret  1 Jun 1874Preston, Lancashire, England I31732
19 Attwater, Mary  1868Preston, Lancashire, England I31730
20 Attwater, Nora  1899Preston, Lancashire, England I31764
21 Attwater, Sydney  1893Preston, Lancashire, England I31761
22 Attwater, William Cooke  1900Preston, Lancashire, England I31773
23 Attwood, Bertha  23 Oct 1895Preston, Lancashire, England I31719
24 Attwood, Marion  1900Preston, Lancashire, England I31720
25 Bell, Annie M  1896Preston, Lancashire, England I26977
26 Bell, Ellen  1819Preston, Lancashire, England I24303
27 Bell, Emerita Catherine  27 Dec 1911Preston, Lancashire, England I24282
28 Bell, Esther Ann  1892Preston, Lancashire, England I24291
29 Bell, George  1785Preston, Lancashire, England I24301
30 Bell, George  1827Preston, Lancashire, England I24306
31 Bell, George  1850Preston, Lancashire, England I24299
32 Bell, George  16 Sep 1881Preston, Lancashire, England I24280
33 Bell, Gertrude Mary  26 Aug 1908Preston, Lancashire, England I24281
34 Bell, Hugh  1853Preston, Lancashire, England I24284
35 Bell, Hugh  1888Preston, Lancashire, England I24289
36 Bell, James  1886Preston, Lancashire, England I24288
37 Bell, Jane Alice  1884Preston, Lancashire, England I24287
38 Bell, Josephine  1896Preston, Lancashire, England I24292
39 Bell, Margaret  1825Preston, Lancashire, England I24304
40 Bell, Mary  1890Preston, Lancashire, England I24290
41 Bell, Peter  1826Preston, Lancashire, England I24305
42 Bell, William  1852Preston, Lancashire, England I24300
43 Bell, William Henry  1866Preston, Lancashire, England I9494
44 Cooke, Annie  6 Aug 1877Preston, Lancashire, England I31772
45 Costigan, Robert Joseph  19 Nov 1907Preston, Lancashire, England I24382
46 Crane, Jane  1841Preston, Lancashire, England I33409
47 Downham, Eric  23 Oct 1923Preston, Lancashire, England I6089
48 Downham, William  1865Preston, Lancashire, England I22115
49 Flynn, Elizabeth  1871Preston, Lancashire, England I24293
50 Flynn, Kathleen  1897Preston, Lancashire, England I24296

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atherton, Mary  1863Preston, Lancashire, England I27312
2 Atherton, Peter  1863Preston, Lancashire, England I27307
3 Atherton, Peter  1880Preston, Lancashire, England I27314
4 Atherton, William  1860Preston, Lancashire, England I27311
5 Attwater, Mabel  1890Preston, Lancashire, England I31765
6 Bell, Hugh  1929Preston, Lancashire, England I24284
7 Kellett, Henry  1858Preston, Lancashire, England I24352
8 Kellett, Mary Elizabeth Percival  1949Preston, Lancashire, England I24364
9 Kellett, Thomas  1923Preston, Lancashire, England I24273
10 Phelan, John  1926Preston, Lancashire, England I24370
11 Pillen, Mary  1862-1864Preston, Lancashire, England I24353
12 Treweek, Mary Catherine  1947Preston, Lancashire, England I24262
13 Willman, Margaret  1912Preston, Lancashire, England I11614


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Isaacs, Louisa  20 Aug 1891Preston, Lancashire, England I20012


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Attwater / Ayton  1924Preston, Lancashire, England F8231
2 Bell / Gradwell  18 Apr 1874Preston, Lancashire, England F6635