The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Over, Cheshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1810Over, Cheshire, England I25019
2 Atherton, Charles  1834Over, Cheshire, England I15119
3 Atherton, Ellen  1836Over, Cheshire, England I15120
4 Atherton, Joseph  1838Over, Cheshire, England I15121
5 Barlow, Jane  1852Over, Cheshire, England I8532
6 Bennett, Frank  1882Over, Cheshire, England I25015
7 Bennett, Harry  1908Over, Cheshire, England I25011
8 Bennett, Julia  1864Over, Cheshire, England I25016
9 Bennett, Philip  1868Over, Cheshire, England I25017
10 Bennett, Robert  1872Over, Cheshire, England I578
11 Bennett, Samuel  1876Over, Cheshire, England I25014
12 Boden, Ann  1849Over, Cheshire, England I8474
13 Boden, Martha  1871Over, Cheshire, England I8476
14 Bracegirdle, James  21 Jun 1809Over, Cheshire, England I14848
15 Bracegirdle, John  13 Apr 1816Over, Cheshire, England I253
16 Bracegirdle, Liza  31 Mar 1805Over, Cheshire, England I14846
17 Bracegirdle, Lydia  1826Over, Cheshire, England I14853
18 Bracegirdle, Mary  1807Over, Cheshire, England I14847
19 Bracegirdle, Mathew  1811Over, Cheshire, England I14849
20 Bracegirdle, Miriam  1826Over, Cheshire, England I14854
21 Bracegirdle, Sarah  16 Aug 1813Over, Cheshire, England I14844
22 Bracegirdle, Thomas  13 Oct 1819Over, Cheshire, England I14851
23 Bracegirdle, William  1802Over, Cheshire, England I14845
24 Breeze, Elizabeth  1885Over, Cheshire, England I13458
25 Breeze, Martha Ann  1880Over, Cheshire, England I13457
26 Brown, Ann  1850Over, Cheshire, England I8531
27 Brown, John  1823Over, Cheshire, England I6605
28 Brown, Rhoda  1854Over, Cheshire, England I8533
29 Brown, Selena  1849Over, Cheshire, England I8530
30 Eachus, Alfred  5 Feb 1851Over, Cheshire, England I256
31 Eachus, Ellen  1881Over, Cheshire, England I358
32 Eachus, Emily  7 Aug 1884Over, Cheshire, England I359
33 Eachus, Frederick  16 Aug 1846Over, Cheshire, England I255
34 Eachus, Mary Ann  1819Over, Cheshire, England I159
35 Gibson, Eliza  1838Over, Cheshire, England I8838
36 Gorst, John  1825Over, Cheshire, England I14833
37 Gorst, Sarah  1864Over, Cheshire, England I14836
38 Goulding, Alice  1878Over, Cheshire, England I8478
39 Goulding, George  1879Over, Cheshire, England I8479
40 Goulding, John  1832Over, Cheshire, England I291
41 Goulding, Sarah  1877Over, Cheshire, England I8477
42 Goulding, Thomas B  1883Over, Cheshire, England I8480
43 Hamlett, Alfred  1845Over, Cheshire, England I13469
44 Hamlett, Barbara  1804Over, Cheshire, England I13437
45 Hamlett, Catherine Prescot  1852Over, Cheshire, England I13471
46 Hamlett, Elizabeth  1836Over, Cheshire, England I13480
47 Hamlett, Elizabeth  1870Over, Cheshire, England I13453
48 Hamlett, Frances  1834Over, Cheshire, England I13479
49 Hamlett, George  1832Over, Cheshire, England I13478
50 Hamlett, George Louis  1867Over, Cheshire, England I13452

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Robert  1882Over, Cheshire, England I577
2 Bostock, Ann  26 Jun 1873Over, Cheshire, England I14850
3 Buckley, Elizabeth  14 Nov 1870Over, Cheshire, England I157
4 Denson, Hannah  25 Jun 1906Over, Cheshire, England I25828
5 Hamlett, Barbara  1805Over, Cheshire, England I13437
6 Hamlett, Job  1803Over, Cheshire, England I13436
7 Hamlett, John  1801Over, Cheshire, England I13435
8 Hamlett, Sophia  1814Over, Cheshire, England I13443
9 Lowe, Mary  1870Over, Cheshire, England I14645
10 Mare, Catherine  1799Over, Cheshire, England I28003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sarah  16 Nov 1760Over, Cheshire, England I12280
2 Beswick, Jabez  10 Mar 1833Over, Cheshire, England I27892
3 Mare, Catherine  4 Apr 1799Over, Cheshire, England I28003
4 Robinson, Emma  1957Over, Cheshire, England I360


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Beswick, Catherine  12 Mar 1820Over, Cheshire, England I27891
2 Beswick, Charles  15 Oct 1815Over, Cheshire, England I27897
3 Beswick, Eliza  19 Jan 1823Over, Cheshire, England I27894
4 Beswick, Ellen  8 May 1814Over, Cheshire, England I27896
5 Beswick, Jabez  19 Jan 1832Over, Cheshire, England I27892
6 Beswick, John  2 Nov 1817Over, Cheshire, England I27895
7 Beswick, Julia  10 May 1829Over, Cheshire, England I16976
8 Bloor, John  25 Dec 1831Over, Cheshire, England I24945
9 Hamlett, Alfred  7 Mar 1846Over, Cheshire, England I13469
10 Hamlett, Elizabeth  23 Apr 1837Over, Cheshire, England I13480
11 Hamlett, John  25 Jun 1837Over, Cheshire, England I13386
12 Hamlett, Noah  28 Jan 1849Over, Cheshire, England I13470
13 Hamlett, William  15 Jul 1770Over, Cheshire, England I13419
14 Hickson, Mary  26 Feb 1758Over, Cheshire, England I16019
15 Kirkham, James  11 Nov 1821Over, Cheshire, England I8348
16 Palin, John  17 Dec 1826Over, Cheshire, England I26797
17 Palin, Mary  11 Aug 1822Over, Cheshire, England I26798
18 Palin, William  14 Nov 1824Over, Cheshire, England I26791
19 Philips, Ann  12 Nov 1826Over, Cheshire, England I26794
20 Tomlinson, Daniel  28 Aug 1836Over, Cheshire, England I25827
21 Wood, Elizabeth  27 Jun 1830Over, Cheshire, England I27989
22 Wood, Frances  21 Apr 1822Over, Cheshire, England I27996
23 Wood, Jane  22 Sep 1833Over, Cheshire, England I27990
24 Wood, John  17 Sep 1820Over, Cheshire, England I1234
25 Wood, Joseph  22 May 1825Over, Cheshire, England I27994
26 Wood, Philip  24 Apr 1837Over, Cheshire, England I27991
27 Wood, Samuel  7 Jun 1829Over, Cheshire, England I27992
28 Wood, Thomas  18 Mar 1827Over, Cheshire, England I27995
29 Wood, William  21 Jan 1840Over, Cheshire, England I27997


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hamlett / Prescott  18 Jun 1832Over, Cheshire, England F4242