The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Over, Cheshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atherton, John  Abt 1820Over, Cheshire, England I15115
2 Bowden, Francis  1838Over, Cheshire, England I13396
3 Hamlett, Alice  1850Over, Cheshire, England I13390
4 Hamlett, Ann  1829Over, Cheshire, England I13410
5 Hamlett, Ann  1842Over, Cheshire, England I13389
6 Hamlett, Catherine  1860Over, Cheshire, England I13398
7 Hamlett, Eli  1860Over, Cheshire, England I13401
8 Hamlett, Eliza  1840Over, Cheshire, England I13387
9 Hamlett, Esther  1831Over, Cheshire, England I13412
10 Hamlett, George  1835Over, Cheshire, England I13385
11 Hamlett, George  1841Over, Cheshire, England I13411
12 Hamlett, Hannah  1833Over, Cheshire, England I13413
13 Hamlett, James  1835Over, Cheshire, England I13414
14 Hamlett, James  1855Over, Cheshire, England I13400
15 Hamlett, John  1837Over, Cheshire, England I13386
16 Hamlett, John  1840Over, Cheshire, England I13416
17 Hamlett, Margaret  1832Over, Cheshire, England I13384
18 Hamlett, Margaret  1857Over, Cheshire, England I13395
19 Hamlett, Mary  1827Over, Cheshire, England I13409
20 Hamlett, Mary  1828Over, Cheshire, England I13382
21 Hamlett, Mary  1852Over, Cheshire, England I13399
22 Hamlett, Mary Jane  1857Over, Cheshire, England I13397
23 Hamlett, Sarah  1830Over, Cheshire, England I13383
24 Hamlett, Thomas  1837Over, Cheshire, England I13415
25 Hamlett, William  1843Over, Cheshire, England I292
26 Hitchen, Edward  1866Over, Cheshire, England I13405
27 Hitchen, John  1868Over, Cheshire, England I13406
28 Hitchen, William  1840Over, Cheshire, England I13404
29 Hitchen, William  1871Over, Cheshire, England I13407
30 Noden, Nancy (Ann)  1840Over, Cheshire, England I13394
31 Taylor, Amos  1860Over, Cheshire, England I13403
32 Taylor, Elizabeth  1854Over, Cheshire, England I13402
33 Taylor, George  1848Over, Cheshire, England I13392
34 Taylor, James  1851Over, Cheshire, England I13393
35 Tomlinson, Harry Cardan  1877Over, Cheshire, England I2168
36 Tomlinson, Philip  2 Dec 1900Over, Cheshire, England I1390


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Eachus, Jane  6 Mar 1837Over, Cheshire, England I158
2 Eachus, Thomas  Jul 1892Over, Cheshire, England I261


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Eachus, Isaac  9 Jan 1886Over, Cheshire, England I260