The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Mobberley, Cheshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  1560Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14918
2 Bracegirdle, Alice  1603Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15585
3 Bracegirdle, Ann  1639Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14910
4 Bracegirdle, Ann  1667Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15595
5 Bracegirdle, Ann  1730Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15641
6 Bracegirdle, Ann  1770Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15659
7 Bracegirdle, Elizabeth  1582Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14930
8 Bracegirdle, Elizabeth  1610Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15587
9 Bracegirdle, Elizabeth  1666Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15594
10 Bracegirdle, Elizabeth  1722Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14895
11 Bracegirdle, Elizabeth  1744Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14880
12 Bracegirdle, Elizabeth  1752Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14882
13 Bracegirdle, George  1718Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14894
14 Bracegirdle, Hannah  1668Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15596
15 Bracegirdle, Hannah  1730Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15649
16 Bracegirdle, Hugh  1623Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14920
17 Bracegirdle, Hugh  1641Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14911
18 Bracegirdle, Hugh  1642Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14912
19 Bracegirdle, Isaac  1726Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15637
20 Bracegirdle, James  1681Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15604
21 Bracegirdle, James  1710Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14891
22 Bracegirdle, James  1760Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14884
23 Bracegirdle, James  1768Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15658
24 Bracegirdle, James  1772Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15662
25 Bracegirdle, Jane  1627Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14923
26 Bracegirdle, Jane  1705Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15620
27 Bracegirdle, Joan  1588Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14931
28 Bracegirdle, Joan  1606Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15586
29 Bracegirdle, Joan  1625Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14922
30 Bracegirdle, John  1558Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14917
31 Bracegirdle, John  1580Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14926
32 Bracegirdle, John  1616Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14897
33 Bracegirdle, John  1636Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14908
34 Bracegirdle, John  1671Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14899
35 Bracegirdle, John  1674Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15602
36 Bracegirdle, John  1676Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14903
37 Bracegirdle, John  1708Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14889
38 Bracegirdle, John  1712Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15621
39 Bracegirdle, John  1742Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14878
40 Bracegirdle, John  1766Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15655
41 Bracegirdle, Joseph  1779Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15663
42 Bracegirdle, Josiah  1763Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14886
43 Bracegirdle, Margaret  1616Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15588
44 Bracegirdle, Margaret  Abt 1732Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15633
45 Bracegirdle, Margerie  1578Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14924
46 Bracegirdle, Martha  1673Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14900
47 Bracegirdle, Martha  1760Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15651
48 Bracegirdle, Mary  1619Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14919
49 Bracegirdle, Mary  1669Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15597
50 Bracegirdle, Mary  1675Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14902

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alice  1621Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14918
2 Bould, Ann  1659Mobberley, Cheshire, England I28658
3 Bracegirdle, Hugh  1624Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14920
4 Bracegirdle, James  15 Jan 1768Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15658
5 Bracegirdle, Jane  1627Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14923
6 Bracegirdle, Joan  1627Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14922
7 Bracegirdle, John  1629Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14917
8 Bracegirdle, John  1672Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14899
9 Bracegirdle, John  1837Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15655
10 Bracegirdle, Margerie  1579Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14924
11 Bracegirdle, Mary  1675Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14902
12 Bracegirdle, Samuel  1787Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15642
13 Finney, Ann  Dec 1664Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14898
14 Holland, John  19 Jan 1713Mobberley, Cheshire, England I28653
15 Norbury, Joseph  13 Aug 1843Mobberley, Cheshire, England I28584
16 Wright, Hannah  1837Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15656


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bracegirdle, John  7 Jan 1681Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14897
2 Wridgway, Mary  8 Oct 1803Mobberley, Cheshire, England I14875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Hewitt, Christina  29 Nov 1708Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15613
2 Hewitt, Edward  3 Mar 1699Mobberley, Cheshire, England I15608
3 Norbury, Joseph  6 Sep 1842Mobberley, Cheshire, England I28584
4 Norbury, Julia Ann  25 Jan 1840Mobberley, Cheshire, England I28585