The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Middleton, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  1817Middleton, Lancashire, England I6077
2 Elizabeth  1815Middleton, Lancashire, England I31647
3 Susanna  1817Middleton, Lancashire, England I29858
4 Ashton, Wilfred  1885Middleton, Lancashire, England I13192
5 Blything, Elsie  1890Middleton, Lancashire, England I8232
6 Blything, Ethel  1896Middleton, Lancashire, England I29851
7 Blything, William  1890Middleton, Lancashire, England I29847
8 Buckley, Elizabeth  1834Middleton, Lancashire, England I29867
9 Butterworth, George  1833Middleton, Lancashire, England I13100
10 Butterworth, John  1811Middleton, Lancashire, England I31646
11 Butterworth, Sarah  1845Middleton, Lancashire, England I1315
12 Cleland, Annie  27 Jul 1862Middleton, Lancashire, England I31807
13 Craig, Jane  1884Middleton, Lancashire, England I17353
14 Craig, Mary Ann  1876Middleton, Lancashire, England I17354
15 Dawson, Edwin  1895Middleton, Lancashire, England I8693
16 Dawson, Elizabeth (Lissy)  1783Middleton, Lancashire, England I14532
17 Dawson, Emma  1861Middleton, Lancashire, England I11931
18 Dawson, Fanny  1897Middleton, Lancashire, England I8694
19 Dawson, Jane  1777Middleton, Lancashire, England I14538
20 Dawson, Lucy  1781Middleton, Lancashire, England I14537
21 Dawson, Mary Ann  1892Middleton, Lancashire, England I8692
22 Dawson, Thomas  1825Middleton, Lancashire, England I13084
23 Dixon, Elizabeth  19 Jul 1907Middleton, Lancashire, England I609
24 Dixon, Emma  14 Feb 1910Middleton, Lancashire, England I19423
25 Dixon, Herbet  1907Middleton, Lancashire, England I19418
26 Emerson, Ann  1797Middleton, Lancashire, England I6073
27 Emerson, Francis  1793Middleton, Lancashire, England I29482
28 Emerson, James  1799Middleton, Lancashire, England I31595
29 Emerson, Joseph  1802Middleton, Lancashire, England I31596
30 Finch, Charles  1820Middleton, Lancashire, England I22312
31 Finch, Daniel  1814Middleton, Lancashire, England I22316
32 Finch, David  1818Middleton, Lancashire, England I22317
33 Finch, Leah  1822Middleton, Lancashire, England I22318
34 Fletcher, Ada  1886Middleton, Lancashire, England I11506
35 Garner, Edward  1852Middleton, Lancashire, England I11507
36 Garner, James  1855Middleton, Lancashire, England I11508
37 Garner, Nancy (?)  1812Middleton, Lancashire, England I11482
38 Garner, William  1835Middleton, Lancashire, England I11479
39 Grundy, Elizabeth  1870Middleton, Lancashire, England I29862
40 Hall, Ann  1840Middleton, Lancashire, England I6184
41 Hall, Edward  1842Middleton, Lancashire, England I6185
42 Hall, Elizabeth  1851Middleton, Lancashire, England I2430
43 Hall, Hannah  1852Middleton, Lancashire, England I6187
44 Hall, James  1809Middleton, Lancashire, England I2411
45 Hall, Sarah  1846Middleton, Lancashire, England I6186
46 Heywood, Clara  1862Middleton, Lancashire, England I32115
47 Heywood, James H  1848Middleton, Lancashire, England I32125
48 Hilton, James  1853Middleton, Lancashire, England I29842
49 Hilton, Jane  1890Middleton, Lancashire, England I29843
50 Hobson, Ann  1812Middleton, Lancashire, England I17268

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blything, William  1922Middleton, Lancashire, England I8229
2 Duffy, Mary  1974Middleton, Lancashire, England I28955
3 Hall, Hannah  1852Middleton, Lancashire, England I6187
4 Hobson, George  1825Middleton, Lancashire, England I8237
5 Hopkins, James Critchley  18 Nov 1961Middleton, Lancashire, England I17362
6 Hopkins, Margaret Winifred  14 Aug 2016Middleton, Lancashire, England I31814
7 McCormick, Ann  12 Jan 1921Middleton, Lancashire, England I31805
8 Nelson, Sarah  1824Middleton, Lancashire, England I25243
9 North, Fred Eckersall  26 May 2001Middleton, Lancashire, England I11933
10 Sheldon, John  1862Middleton, Lancashire, England I2398
11 Tetlow, Abraham  29 Jul 1836Middleton, Lancashire, England I5944
12 Tetlow, Sarah  28 Apr 1723Middleton, Lancashire, England I22938
13 Tiffney, Hannah  25 Dec 1917Middleton, Lancashire, England I2340


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Ashton, Alice  2 Jan 1803Middleton, Lancashire, England I13112
2 Ashton, Alice  8 Apr 1828Middleton, Lancashire, England I13097
3 Ashton, David  22 Mar 1812Middleton, Lancashire, England I13113
4 Ashton, John  20 May 1805Middleton, Lancashire, England I13094
5 Tetlow, Elizabeth  17 May 1724Middleton, Lancashire, England I22937
6 Tetlow, John  30 Nov 1726Middleton, Lancashire, England I22936
7 Tetlow, Sarah  5 Apr 1723Middleton, Lancashire, England I22938
8 Tetlow, Thomas  24 Jun 1730Middleton, Lancashire, England I5948


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hopkins / Stewart  8 Apr 1972Middleton, Lancashire, England F7102
2 Murphy / Woodhead  20 Apr 1957Middleton, Lancashire, England F8778
3 Paterson / Ogden  1945Middleton, Lancashire, England F7435