The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Congleton, Cheshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  1806Congleton, Cheshire, England I22476
2 Ann  1864Congleton, Cheshire, England I30161
3 Emma  1850Congleton, Cheshire, England I21425
4 Andrew, Agnes  1866Congleton, Cheshire, England I18789
5 Andrew, Albert  1868Congleton, Cheshire, England I18790
6 Andrew, Alice  1862Congleton, Cheshire, England I18787
7 Andrew, Catherine (Kate)  1856Congleton, Cheshire, England I16137
8 Andrew, Eliza  1864Congleton, Cheshire, England I18788
9 Andrew, Elizabeth J  1860Congleton, Cheshire, England I18786
10 Andrew, Ellen  1848Congleton, Cheshire, England I16134
11 Andrew, Emma  1858Congleton, Cheshire, England I16138
12 Andrew, Fanny  1849Congleton, Cheshire, England I8033
13 Andrew, Julia  1850Congleton, Cheshire, England I16135
14 Andrew, Louisa Edith  1871Congleton, Cheshire, England I18791
15 Andrew, Mary Ann Jackson  Aug 1860Congleton, Cheshire, England I16139
16 Andrew, Mathew  1852Congleton, Cheshire, England I16136
17 Andrew, Matthew  1823Congleton, Cheshire, England I16132
18 Axson, James Harry  23 Oct 1885Congleton, Cheshire, England I2251
19 Bailey, Harriet  1835Congleton, Cheshire, England I22477
20 Beech, Emma  1852Congleton, Cheshire, England I9608
21 Beech, Ena  1905Congleton, Cheshire, England I29780
22 Beech, Harry  1902Congleton, Cheshire, England I29779
23 Berry, Percy  1892Congleton, Cheshire, England I29368
24 Bloor, Emma  1826Congleton, Cheshire, England I24946
25 Bloor, Jane  1865Congleton, Cheshire, England I24940
26 Bloor, John  1831Congleton, Cheshire, England I24945
27 Bloor, William  21 Dec 1834Congleton, Cheshire, England I24944
28 Briggs, Nellie Lowndes  1878Congleton, Cheshire, England I29343
29 Chell, George  1817Congleton, Cheshire, England I776
30 Clulow, Hannah  1820Congleton, Cheshire, England I2162
31 Colclough, Sarah  1813Congleton, Cheshire, England I24147
32 Garside, Samuel  1813Congleton, Cheshire, England I24146
33 Hickson, Mary  1758Congleton, Cheshire, England I25316
34 Hickson, Matthew  1760Congleton, Cheshire, England I25317
35 Jackson, Elizabeth  1890Congleton, Cheshire, England I24943
36 Jackson, John  Abt 1820Congleton, Cheshire, England I16142
37 Jackson, Maria  1830Congleton, Cheshire, England I16143
38 Jackson, Mary Ann  1825Congleton, Cheshire, England I16133
39 Jervis, Annie  1859Congleton, Cheshire, England I29355
40 Lowndes, Albert Edward  1884Congleton, Cheshire, England I29360
41 Lowndes, Ann  1861Congleton, Cheshire, England I30026
42 Lowndes, Arthur  1868Congleton, Cheshire, England I30025
43 Lowndes, Eliza  1859Congleton, Cheshire, England I29321
44 Lowndes, Elizabeth  1823Congleton, Cheshire, England I29309
45 Lowndes, Esther  1853Congleton, Cheshire, England I29318
46 Lowndes, Fanny Elizabeth  11 Nov 1850Congleton, Cheshire, England I29317
47 Lowndes, George  1864Congleton, Cheshire, England I30027
48 Lowndes, Henry  1826Congleton, Cheshire, England I29305
49 Lowndes, Henry  1873Congleton, Cheshire, England I30029
50 Lowndes, James  1871Congleton, Cheshire, England I30028

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beech, Richard  1876Congleton, Cheshire, England I12375
2 Bloor, John  1882Congleton, Cheshire, England I1599
3 Eachus, Eliza  24 Aug 1888Congleton, Cheshire, England I134
4 Lowndes, William  1862Congleton, Cheshire, England I29316
5 Oakes, Edward  1851Congleton, Cheshire, England I9935
6 Oakes, Jane Clulow  1851Congleton, Cheshire, England I9934
7 Wilde, Matthew  1926Congleton, Cheshire, England I8710


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Johnson, William  22 Oct 1758Congleton, Cheshire, England I12430
2 Johnstone, Martha  15 Sep 1755Congleton, Cheshire, England I12428
3 Lowndes, Eliza  13 Nov 1859Congleton, Cheshire, England I29321
4 Lowndes, Fanny Elizabeth  11 Jul 1852Congleton, Cheshire, England I29317
5 Lowndes, Sarah Ann  11 Jul 1852Congleton, Cheshire, England I29322
6 Lowndes, Sarah Ellen  21 Jun 1857Congleton, Cheshire, England I29320