The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Carlisle, Cumberland, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret  1834Carlisle, Cumberland, England I7495
2 Birkett, Ciceley  1827Carlisle, Cumberland, England I33157
3 Davidson, John  1876Carlisle, Cumberland, England I10405
4 Harrison, Jane  1816Carlisle, Cumberland, England I10284
5 Harrison, Mary  1809Carlisle, Cumberland, England I10300
6 Harrison, Sarah  1810Carlisle, Cumberland, England I10282
7 Harrison, William  1807Carlisle, Cumberland, England I10299
8 Holywell, Annie Mary  1872Carlisle, Cumberland, England I9673
9 Kelton, Arthur George  1874Carlisle, Cumberland, England I10404
10 Kelton, John M  1866Carlisle, Cumberland, England I10402
11 Kelton, William Henry  1869Carlisle, Cumberland, England I10403
12 Little, Ann  1770Carlisle, Cumberland, England I25960
13 Little, Elizabeth  1759Carlisle, Cumberland, England I25967
14 Little, George  1768Carlisle, Cumberland, England I25962
15 Little, Isaac  1764Carlisle, Cumberland, England I25968
16 Little, Jane  1765Carlisle, Cumberland, England I25961
17 Little, John  1762Carlisle, Cumberland, England I25963
18 Little, Joseph  1760Carlisle, Cumberland, England I25965
19 Little, Margaret  1773Carlisle, Cumberland, England I25964
20 Little, Mary  1767Carlisle, Cumberland, England I25966
21 Long, Ernest  1889Carlisle, Cumberland, England I9675
22 Long, George  1853Carlisle, Cumberland, England I9668
23 Long, Gertrude  1897Carlisle, Cumberland, England I9674
24 Long, Hannah  1855Carlisle, Cumberland, England I9669
25 Long, James  1848Carlisle, Cumberland, England I9666
26 Long, Jane  1850Carlisle, Cumberland, England I9667
27 Long, John  1821Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1781
28 Long, John Henry  1862Carlisle, Cumberland, England I9672
29 Long, Joseph  1846Carlisle, Cumberland, England I9665
30 Long, Mary  1857Carlisle, Cumberland, England I9670
31 Long, Ruth Ann  1860Carlisle, Cumberland, England I9671
32 Maxwell, Albert  Nov 1890Carlisle, Cumberland, England I16918
33 Maxwell, Catherine  1877Carlisle, Cumberland, England I16913
34 Maxwell, David  SEPT 1860Carlisle, Cumberland, England I16924
35 Maxwell, David  1887Carlisle, Cumberland, England I16917
36 Maxwell, Elizabeth  1874Carlisle, Cumberland, England I16901
37 Maxwell, Isabella  1875Carlisle, Cumberland, England I16912
38 Maxwell, James  1850Carlisle, Cumberland, England I16925
39 Maxwell, James  1872Carlisle, Cumberland, England I16911
40 Maxwell, John  1881Carlisle, Cumberland, England I16915
41 Maxwell, Martha  1853Carlisle, Cumberland, England I16923
42 Maxwell, Martha  1879Carlisle, Cumberland, England I16914
43 Maxwell, Mary  1884Carlisle, Cumberland, England I16916
44 Maxwell, William  1820Carlisle, Cumberland, England I16920
45 Maxwell, William  1853Carlisle, Cumberland, England I16922
46 Moor, Mary  1821Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2544
47 Mullender, Ann  1712Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2189
48 Mullender, Ann  1734Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2181
49 Mullender, Ann  1768Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1776
50 Mullender, Ann  1774Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1777

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Butler, William Charles  6 Dec 1914Carlisle, Cumberland, England I24853
2 Kelton, William  1866Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2525
3 Kelton, William  1916Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2524
4 Little, Margaret  20 Nov 1773Carlisle, Cumberland, England I25964
5 Long, Ruth Ann  1863Carlisle, Cumberland, England I9671
6 Mullender, Jane  1858Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2571
7 Mullender, Ruth  1900Carlisle, Cumberland, England I1770
8 Stokes, Margaret  1907Carlisle, Cumberland, England I2520


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McCartney / Davidson  1861Carlisle, Cumberland, England F6918