The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Bolton, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sarah Alice.  1847Bolton, Lancashire, England I9629
2 Allen, Sarah  1826Bolton, Lancashire, England I16592
3 Bingham, Mary Jane  1853Bolton, Lancashire, England I33700
4 Blakeley, Mary  1811Bolton, Lancashire, England I23469
5 Bolton, Elizabeth  20 Nov 1731Bolton, Lancashire, England I31603
6 Cleland, Mary  1858Bolton, Lancashire, England I1366
7 Colley, Jane Ellen  1857Bolton, Lancashire, England I22215
8 Colley, Richard  1852Bolton, Lancashire, England I22213
9 Colley, William Henry  1855Bolton, Lancashire, England I22214
10 Fletcher, Alice  1881Bolton, Lancashire, England I31580
11 Hamer, Eliza  1816Bolton, Lancashire, England I9647
12 Hewreys, Esther  1805Bolton, Lancashire, England I22223
13 Hodkinson, James  1770Bolton, Lancashire, England I29004
14 Hodkinson, Jane  1806Bolton, Lancashire, England I29005
15 Hodkinson, John  1813Bolton, Lancashire, England I9646
16 Hodson, James  1836Bolton, Lancashire, England I12485
17 Hodson, Margaret  1865Bolton, Lancashire, England I12490
18 Hodson, Peter  1863Bolton, Lancashire, England I12489
19 Leeming, Elizabeth Ann  1852Bolton, Lancashire, England I33330
20 Lindow, Alice  22 May 1902Bolton, Lancashire, England I31578
21 Lindow, Vernon  1880Bolton, Lancashire, England I31579
22 Lowe, Ellen  1826Bolton, Lancashire, England I33007
23 Lowe, Isabella  1830Bolton, Lancashire, England I33009
24 Lowe, John  1831Bolton, Lancashire, England I33010
25 Lowe, Mary  1827Bolton, Lancashire, England I33008
26 Lowe, Sarah  1834Bolton, Lancashire, England I33012
27 Lowe, William  1824Bolton, Lancashire, England I33011
28 McCormick, Ellen  1844Bolton, Lancashire, England I31834
29 McCormick, Sarah  1839Bolton, Lancashire, England I31833
30 McDonnel, Mary  1835Bolton, Lancashire, England I13947
31 Molyneux, Alice  1851Bolton, Lancashire, England I2288
32 Mottram, Harold L  17 Jul 1920Bolton, Lancashire, England I33334
33 Mottram, Samuel  1853Bolton, Lancashire, England I33318
34 Mottram, Thomas  1828Bolton, Lancashire, England I27134
35 Mottram, Thomas  24 Jul 1884Bolton, Lancashire, England I33333
36 Norris, Esther  1723Bolton, Lancashire, England I22197
37 Orrell, Ellen  1827Bolton, Lancashire, England I22180
38 Parkinson, Charles  1866Bolton, Lancashire, England I12488
39 Parkinson, Margaret A  1860Bolton, Lancashire, England I12487
40 Phythian, George  1854Bolton, Lancashire, England I19877
41 Pollard, Mary  1860Bolton, Lancashire, England I27133
42 Potter, Ellen  1851Bolton, Lancashire, England I33325
43 Potter, Isabella (Elizabeth)  1830Bolton, Lancashire, England I27135
44 Roby, Alice Ann  1860Bolton, Lancashire, England I13948
45 Roby, Jane  1832Bolton, Lancashire, England I1406
46 Roby, Mary E  1866Bolton, Lancashire, England I13950
47 Roby, Rhoda  1869Bolton, Lancashire, England I13951
48 Roby, Roger  1862Bolton, Lancashire, England I13949
49 Roby, William  1830Bolton, Lancashire, England I13942
50 Shuttleworth, Bertha  1884Bolton, Lancashire, England I27136

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hodkinson, James  1850Bolton, Lancashire, England I29004
2 Ingold, Isabella  21 May 1850Bolton, Lancashire, England I33014
3 Mottram, Ann  1866Bolton, Lancashire, England I33321
4 Mottram, Samuel  1853Bolton, Lancashire, England I33318
5 Mottram, Thomas  1883Bolton, Lancashire, England I33320
6 Norbury, Martha  12 Apr 1889Bolton, Lancashire, England I15037


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ingold, Isabella  26 May 1850Bolton, Lancashire, England I33014
2 Mottram, Isabella  3 Feb 1964Bolton, Lancashire, England I33324


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Colley, Richard  2 May 1852Bolton, Lancashire, England I22213
2 Colley, William Henry  2 Sep 1855Bolton, Lancashire, England I22214
3 Stanton, John  26 Aug 1726Bolton, Lancashire, England I22200


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Atherton / Walton  1898Bolton, Lancashire, England F2713
2 Dawson / Stanton  14 Sep 1768Bolton, Lancashire, England F6236
3 Orrell / Dawson  31 Jul 1811Bolton, Lancashire, England F6235
4 Yarwood / Kershaw  1927Bolton, Lancashire, England F3479