The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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Birmingham, Warwickshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Harriett  1803Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I19621
2 Margaret  1813Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I17529
3 Mary Ann.  1804Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13668
4 Amphlett, Roseanna  1860Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I12693
5 Arculus, Albina  1 Feb 1832Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15745
6 Arculus, Alfred  27 Sep 1824Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15742
7 Arculus, Ann  1811Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15747
8 Arculus, Ann Maria  4 Nov 1822Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15741
9 Arculus, Emily  19 Oct 1829Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15744
10 Arculus, Frederick  19 Feb 1821Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15739
11 Arculus, George  17 Sep 1814Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15740
12 Arculus, Maria  13 Mar 1827Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15743
13 Arculus, Mary  1808Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15748
14 Arculus, Sarah  26 Nov 1812Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15746
15 Arculus, William  1809Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15749
16 Arculus, William Frederick  4 Apr 1819Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15738
17 Atkins, Amy  1857Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I27349
18 Atkins, Eliza  1854Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I27348
19 Baker, Mary  1825Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I19628
20 Bateman, Ada  1853Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13681
21 Bateman, Maria  1856Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13682
22 Bateman, Thomas  1830Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13680
23 Bateman, Thomas  Dec 1860Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13683
24 Bell, Harold Dudley  1899Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I26978
25 Biddle, Charlotte  1815Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I28249
26 Briggs, John Alfred  1851Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I29342
27 Bryan, Harriett Anna  1870Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I19635
28 Bucknall, Beatrice Emily  1874Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15943
29 Bucknall, Charles Edward  14 Jun 1889Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15292
30 Bucknall, Charles William  6 Jun 1883Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I16003
31 Bucknall, Charlotte Annie  1883Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15290
32 Bucknall, Constance  1892Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15293
33 Bucknall, Eliza  26 Jan 1882Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15288
34 Bucknall, Ellen Lucy  1887Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15291
35 Bucknall, Frances Mary  24 Jan 1886Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I791
36 Bucknall, Harry  1875Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15944
37 Bucknall, Hyla Edward  21 Nov 1886Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I16004
38 Bucknall, Samuel Harold  1882Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15985
39 Bucknall, William Claude  1879Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15289
40 Cadby, Alice  1847Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13677
41 Cadby, Ann Marie  1828Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13669
42 Cadby, Charles  15 Sep 1862Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I4247
43 Cadby, Eliza  1830Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13670
44 Cadby, Emma  1833Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13671
45 Cadby, Frederick  1836Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13672
46 Cadby, Phillip  1843Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13675
47 Cadby, Samuel  1845Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13676
48 Creese, Albert James  1895Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I17886
49 Creese, Eliza  1872Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I17925
50 Creese, Harry John  1887Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I17883

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Harriett  From 1871 to 1881Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I19621
2 Arculus, Ann  27 Dec 1812Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15747
3 Arculus, George  26 Jan 1815Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15740
4 Arculus, William  29 Nov 1810Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15749
5 Siddaway, John  1803Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I28283
6 Wallis, John  1865Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I19620


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Eldershaw / Perrins  1865Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F5288