The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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(in/of) Staffordshire, England



Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  1610(in/of) Staffordshire, England I7000
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1750(in/of) Staffordshire, England I16047
3 Hannah  Abt 1716(in/of) Staffordshire, England I57
4 Mary  Abt 1700(in/of) Staffordshire, England I1534
5 Mary  Abt 1775(in/of) Staffordshire, England I19580
6 Sarah  Abt 1724(in/of) Staffordshire, England I13501
7 Sarah  Abt 1765(in/of) Staffordshire, England I18052
8 Sarah  Abt 1785(in/of) Staffordshire, England I18581
9 Ankers, Ann  C1725(in/of) Staffordshire, England I2377
10 Barnes, Andrew  Abt 1787(in/of) Staffordshire, England I13003
11 Bate, Joseph  Abt 1700(in/of) Staffordshire, England I1529
12 Beech, Charles  Abt 1705(in/of) Staffordshire, England I18797
13 Biddle, Ann  Abt 1610(in/of) Staffordshire, England I3731
14 Birks, James  Abt 1795(in/of) Staffordshire, England I25709
15 Booth, Ann  Abt 1787(in/of) Staffordshire, England I13004
16 Bourne, Thomas  1780(in/of) Staffordshire, England I23524
17 Fagan, Lawrence  Abt 1830(in/of) Staffordshire, England I22381
18 Foster, Joseph  Abt 1785(in/of) Staffordshire, England I18580
19 Ganner, William  Abt 1825(in/of) Staffordshire, England I22553
20 Grainger, Dorothy  Abt 1635(in/of) Staffordshire, England I13522
21 Grainger, John  Abt 1635(in/of) Staffordshire, England I13521
22 Harvey, Ann  Abt 1725(in/of) Staffordshire, England I26114
23 Johnson, Peter  C1830(in/of) Staffordshire, England I12561
24 Jones, David  Abt 1815(in/of) Staffordshire, England I15907
25 Jones, John  Abt 1775(in/of) Staffordshire, England I17782
26 Lees, Thomas  Abt 1765(in/of) Staffordshire, England I18051
27 Mason, Thomas  Abt 1540(in/of) Staffordshire, England I27844
28 Mellor, James  Abt 1790(in/of) Staffordshire, England I23523
29 Moss, Mathew  Abt 1707(in/of) Staffordshire, England I15012
30 Richardson, Sarah  Abt 1780(in/of) Staffordshire, England I24951
31 Scudamore, Eleanor Kathleen  Abt 1890(in/of) Staffordshire, England I739
32 Shufflebotham, Charles  Abt 1810(in/of) Staffordshire, England I17692
33 Simcoe, Thomas  Abt 1770(in/of) Staffordshire, England I19579
34 Taylor, Emily Rose  1866(in/of) Staffordshire, England I333
35 Walklate, Ann  Abt 1750(in/of) Staffordshire, England I15011
36 Walters, John  Abt 1775(in/of) Staffordshire, England I15917