The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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(in/of) Pennsylvania. US



Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Anthony  Abt 1800(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3519
2 Barde, Jane  3 Mar 1815(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3518
3 Cansley, William  Abt 1820(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3191
4 Coleman, Virginia  Abt 1900(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3543
5 Eaverson, James  Abt 1820(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3536
6 Eslop, Ann  Abt 1790(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3507
7 Farnsworth, Philo Yates  Abt 1900(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3542
8 Finnigan, George  Abt 1870(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3230
9 Fleming, Joseph  Abt 1790(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3506
10 Greenwood, James  Abt 1850(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3538
11 Guthrie, Benjamin  Abt 1860(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3546
12 Harlan, Matilda  Abt 1810(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3558
13 Harold, Dennis  Abt 1840(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3544
14 Linville, Sylvester L  Abt 1830(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3526
15 O'Brien, Catherine  Abt 1840(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3545
16 Palmer, Elizabeth  Abt 1860(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3547
17 Patterson, Sarah Jane  Abt 1830(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3210
18 Proctor, George Washington  14 Feb 1871(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3255
19 Proctor, Henry  Abt 1902(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3846
20 Proctor, Minerva  Abt 1897(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3844
21 Proctor, Robert  Abt 1899(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3845
22 Springer, John  Abt 1810(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3557
23 Valentine, Emily  Abt 1820(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3537
24 Walker, Sarah  Abt 1830(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3527
25 Wright, Caroline  Abt 1850(in/of) Pennsylvania. US I3539