Elijah Cooper  ‎(I14754)‎
Elijah Cooper

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 1773 ‎(in/of)‎ Cheshire, England
Death: 1835 ‎(Age 62)‎ Nantwich
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 1773 ‎(in/of)‎ Cheshire, England

Source: S645

Source: S222

Marriage Grace Unknown -
Occupation Cordwainer

Source: S622

Death 1835 ‎(Age 62)‎ Nantwich

Burial 23 July 1835 ‎(Age 62)‎ Nantwich Church Yard

Source: S671

Reference Number F07844
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Immediate Family  (F4554)
Grace Unknown
1781 - 1819
Thomas Cooper
1811 - 1847

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Birth S645
Birth S222
Burial of spouse S671
Occupation S622
Burial S671

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Close Relatives
Family with Grace Unknown
Elijah Cooper ‎(I14754)‎
Birth 1773 ‎(in/of)‎ Cheshire, England
Death 1835 ‎(Age 62)‎ Nantwich
8 years
Grace Unknown ‎(I14755)‎
Birth 1781 ‎(in/of)‎ Cheshire, England
Death 1819 ‎(Age 38)‎ Nantwich

Thomas Cooper ‎(I1044)‎
Birth 1811 38 30 Nantwich, Cheshire, England
Death 1847 ‎(Age 36)‎ Nantwich