Alice Blears  ‎(I7552)‎
Alice Blears

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: 1885 ‎(in/of)‎ Lancashire. England
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 1885 ‎(in/of)‎ Lancashire. England

Source: S499

Marriage Arthur Massey - 1909 ‎(Age 24)‎ Barton Upon Irwell, Lancashire

Reference Number F09433
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Immediate Family  (F2729)
Arthur Massey
1885 -

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Birth S499

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Close Relatives
Family with Arthur Massey
Arthur Massey ‎(I7540)‎
Birth 11 February 1885 27 27 Barton Upon Orwell, Eccles, Lancashire. England
-1 month

Alice Blears ‎(I7552)‎
Birth 1885 ‎(in/of)‎ Lancashire. England

Marriage: 1909 -- Barton Upon Irwell, Lancashire