William Trego  ‎(I3499)‎
William Trego

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 3 May 1693 38 38 Chester County, Philadelphia
Death: 16 September 1768 ‎(Age 75)‎
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 3 May 1693 38 38 Chester County, Philadelphia

Source: S318

Marriage Margaret Moor - 26 May 1717 ‎(Age 24)‎

Source: S318

Death 16 September 1768 ‎(Age 75)‎

Source: S362

Reference Number U02020
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Parents Family  (F2086)
Peter Trego
1655 -
Judith Mitchell
1655 -
Jacob Trego
1687 -
James Trego
1690 -
William Trego
1693 - 1768
John Trego
1696 -
Peter TregoJr
1700 -
Ann Trego
1702 -

Immediate Family  (F1327)
Margaret Moor
1695 -
Hannah Trego
1720 - 1756
Sarah Trego
1737 - 1799


The Last Will and Testament of William Trego,
Date 1st Aug 1768 proved 16th Sept 1768
To each of my grandchildren now living 1shilling. To William McPherson and Phineas Eachus 1 shilling each.
To sons Joseph and William 5 shillings each. Remainder of personal estate to my daughters, Elizabeth and Mary Malin, Sarah Eachus and Ann Hunt. The share of Sarah to be at the disposal of my Executors and not subject to any demand of her husband. To son Benjamin after decease of my wife Margaret the plantation wheron I now dwell in Goshen containing 100 acres paying ยน70 to 3 daughters, Elizabeth, Mary and Ann.
Executors: son Joseph Trego of Nantmeal and George Ashbridge Jr.
Witnesses; William Bane, Thomas Schofield, Aaron Hoopes.

The following taken from an Historical Account of the Trego Family 1884;
"William Trego, the son of Peter the elder, according to the Honeybrook family records, was born August 5th, 1693, married Margaret Moore, June 26th, 1717, and died 1770. The land in Honeybrook township, afterwards and yet owned by the Tregos, was first entered by John Moore, the father-in-law of William Trego, in March 1718, and in 1733, was conveyed to William Trego. This tract is described in the deed as 'joining on the west by lands of James Trego.' Now it has been already shown that in November of the same year, the old homestead of their father Peter, in Middletown, was conveyed by William Trego, then of Goshen, to James Trego of Concord. It would seem from this that neither William nor James resided at that time on their lands in Honeybrook.
Jared P. Irwin in his letter to Chas. B. Trego, written April 10th, 1848, says that William and Margaret Trego had ten children, four sons and six daughters... one of the sons died quite young...
William, Benjamin and Joseph, Hannah Hickman, Margaret McPherson, Elizabeth Malin, Mary Malin...Ann Hunt, and Sarah Eachus."

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Birth S318
Marriage S318
Marriage S318
Marriage S318
Death S362

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Family with Parents
Peter Trego ‎(I5800)‎
Birth 1655 Fullerton
Judith Mitchell ‎(I5801)‎
Birth about 1655 Philadelphia

Marriage: 1682 -- Baltimore, Maryland County
6 years
Jacob Trego ‎(I5802)‎
Birth 7 August 1687 32 32 Chester County, Philadelphia
3 years
James Trego ‎(I5803)‎
Birth 26 April 1690 35 35
3 years
William Trego ‎(I3499)‎
Birth 3 May 1693 38 38 Chester County, Philadelphia
Death 16 September 1768 ‎(Age 75)‎
4 years
John Trego ‎(I5804)‎
Birth 15 December 1696 41 41
3 years
Peter TregoJr ‎(I5805)‎
Birth about 1700 45 45
3 years
Ann Trego ‎(I5806)‎
Birth 26 August 1702 47 47
Family with Margaret Moor
William Trego ‎(I3499)‎
Birth 3 May 1693 38 38 Chester County, Philadelphia
Death 16 September 1768 ‎(Age 75)‎
20 months
Margaret Moor ‎(I3500)‎
Birth about 1695 US

Marriage: 26 May 1717
3 years
Hannah Trego ‎(I5798)‎
Birth about 1720 26 25
Death 13 October 1756 ‎(Age 36)‎
18 years
Sarah Trego ‎(I2989)‎
Birth 26 June 1737 44 42 Honey Brook Township, Chester County, Pa. US
Death 26 December 1799 ‎(Age 62)‎