Richard Mullender  ‎(I2683)‎
Richard Mullender

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: about 1780 ‎(in/of)‎ Cumbria
Death: 14 February 1821 ‎(Age 41)‎
Personal Facts and Details
Birth about 1780 ‎(in/of)‎ Cumbria

Marriage Mary Dunn - 26 September 1808 ‎(Age 28)‎ Wigton

Occupation Coroner
Death 14 February 1821 ‎(Age 41)‎
Reference Number ZM1252
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Immediate Family  (F1053)
Mary Dunn
1780 -
Mary Frances Mullender
1815 -


Letters of Admin granted 3rd May 1828 to Mary Mullender of Wigton, she is his lawfull Widow & Relic under ยน100. Also present William Bell of the City of Carlisle Hatter and John Gaisenthwaite of the said city Shoemaker.
Directories: 1811 Richard Mullinder, coroner, Burnfoot, Wigton

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Close Relatives
Family with Mary Dunn
Richard Mullender ‎(I2683)‎
Birth about 1780 ‎(in/of)‎ Cumbria
Death 14 February 1821 ‎(Age 41)‎
Mary Dunn ‎(I2684)‎
Birth about 1780

Marriage: 26 September 1808 -- Wigton
6 years
Mary Frances Mullender ‎(I2685)‎
Birth 1815 35 35 ‎(in/of)‎ Wigton