Thomas Hitchens + Elizabeth Eachus

Children  ‎(No children)‎

Parents Grandparents
Thomas Hitchens ‎(I1061)‎
Birth 1827 27 ‎(in/of)‎ Wharton, Cheshire, England
William Hitchens ‎(I1060)‎
Birth about 1800 ‎(in/of)‎ Cheshire, England

Elizabeth Eachus ‎(I185)‎
Birth 1824 28 20 Newton, Cheshire, England
James Eachus ‎(I122)‎
Birth 1796 24 29 Middlewich, Cheshire, England
Death 16 December 1875 ‎(Age 79)‎ Wharton
Mary Johnson ‎(I184)‎
Birth 1804 29 29 Wharton, Cheshire, England
Death 1867 ‎(Age 63)‎ Wharton

Family Group Information   (F99)
Marriage 16 July 1848 St Wilfred, Davenham, by licence

Show Details Note: Marriage: 16th July 1848, Davenham, Cheshire
Thomas Hitchen, full age, Bachelor & Driver of Wharton
Elizabeth Eachus X ‎(her mark)‎, full age, Spinster of Wharton.
were married by Licence.
Witness: Thomas Philips; Elizabeth Gerrard.
Grooms Father:
Brides Father:
‎[Archive - written copy - Parish 5 + digital copy Licence + Written Extract of Marriage Licence]‎