Thomas Holland + Elizabeth Heaton

Children  ‎(5 children)‎
Alice A Heaton ‎(I30330)‎
Birth 1870 25 25 Standish, Lancashire, England
Mary J Heaton ‎(I30331)‎
Birth 1872 27 27 Standish, Lancashire, England
George Holland ‎(I30324)‎
Birth 2 September 1875 31 30 Canal Street, Wigan, Lancashire, England
Henry Holland ‎(I30332)‎
Birth 1880 35 35 Shevington, Lancashire, England
Maggie Holland ‎(I30333)‎
Birth 1881 36 36 Shevington, Wigan, Lancashire, England

Parents Grandparents
Thomas Holland ‎(I30328)‎
Birth 15 July 1844 39 40 Shavington, Lancashire, England
Death 1888 ‎(Age 43)‎ Standish, ‎[age 43 years]‎
George Holland ‎(I30334)‎
Birth 1805 24 25 UpHolland, Lancashire, England
Death 22 November 1874 ‎(Age 69)‎ Shevington, Lancashire
Jane Banks ‎(I30335)‎
Birth 1804 Shevington, Lancashire, England

Elizabeth Heaton ‎(I30329)‎
Birth 1845 Standish, Lancashire, England

Family Group Information   (F7553)
Marriage 21 November 1874 All Saints, Wigan, Lancashire

Source: S1

Show Details Note: Marriage, 21 November 1874, The Parish Church of Wigan ‎[All Saints]‎
Thomas Holland age 30 bachelor and Miner of Canal Street,
Elizabeth heaton "X" ‎(her mark)‎ spinster & Collery Labourer of Canal Street
were married by Certificate by George A E Kempson ‎[Curate]‎
in the presence of Annie Holland & Susan Ann Dorset.
Grooms Father. George Holland Game Keeper
Brides Father: David Heaton , no occupation.