John Grayson + Catherine Hampson

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Parents Grandparents
John Grayson ‎(I27668)‎
Birth 1821 41 41 Barton upon Irwell, Lancashire, England
Death 2 July 1893 ‎(Age 72)‎ New Street, Patricroft. Lancashire
Thomas Grayson ‎(I27670)‎
Birth 1780 Lancashire, England
Death 1860 ‎(Age 80)‎ Barton Upon Irwell
Martha Martin ‎(I27671)‎
Birth 1780 Lancashire, England
Death 1862 ‎(Age 82)‎ Barton On Irwell, Lancashire ‎[age 83]‎

Catherine Hampson ‎(I27682)‎
Birth 1825 Barton on Irwell, Lancashire, England
Death 1899 ‎(Age 74)‎ 11 New Street, Barton upon Irwell, Lancashire ‎[age 72]‎

Family Group Information   (F7244)
Marriage 9 November 1880 St Catherine, Barton upon Irwell, Lancashire.

Source: S574

Show Details Note: Marriage: 9th November 1880, St Catherien, Barton on Irwell.
John Grayson, full age , widower & Farmer of Irlam.
Catherine Heywood, full age Widow of Barton Upon Irwell.
were married by Licence by A E Francis.
in the presence of Albert Newton X ‎(his mark)‎ & Sarah Newton X ‎(her mark)‎
Grooms Father: Thomas Grayson, Weaver.
Brides Father: Joseph Hampson, Weaver.
‎[N. B. Bride signed C Haywood.]‎