William Carter + Agnes Collier

Children  ‎(1 child)‎
John Carter ‎(I22991)‎
Birth 1839 29 19 Salford, Lancashire, England

Parents Grandparents
William Carter ‎(I22989)‎
Birth about 1810 45 45 ‎(in/of)‎ Liverpool, Lancashire, England
John Carter ‎(I22988)‎
Birth about 1765 ‎(in/of)‎ Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Mary Rawlinson ‎(I22995)‎
Birth about 1765 ‎(in/of)‎ Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Agnes Collier ‎(I22990)‎
Birth about 1820 ‎(in/of)‎ Pendleton, Lancashire, England

Family Group Information   (F6391)
Marriage 16 April 1838 St Mary The Virgin, Eccles, Lancashire

Source: S574

Show Details Note: Marriages: 16th April 1838, St Mary the Virgin, Eccles, Lancashire.
William Carter X ‎(his mark)‎. Full Age, Bachelor , Painter of Pendleton
Agnes Collier X ‎(her mark)‎. Full Age, Spinster of Pendleton.
Grooms Father: John Carter, Sailor
Brides Father: John Collier, Warehouseman.
Witness: Robert Jones; Thomas Gorse
Married by Banns by J Chadwick, Curate.
Register: Marriages 1837-1838, Page 133, Entry 266.