Frank Guile + Elizabeth Williams

Children  ‎(No children)‎

Parents Grandparents
Frank Guile ‎(I19053)‎
Birth 1873 37 28 Southwark, London, England
James Guile ‎(I19037)‎
Birth 11 November 1835 29 28 Brighton, Sussex, England
Death 1898 ‎(Age 62)‎ Erith, Kent
Mary Louisa Rewell ‎(I19038)‎
Birth 1845 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Death 1907 ‎(Age 62)‎ Edmonton RD

Elizabeth Williams ‎(I22901)‎
Birth 1872 England
David Williams ‎(I22902)‎
Death before 1896

Family Group Information   (F6377)
Marriage 1 August 1896 St Nicholas, Plumstead, Kent

Source: S680

Show Details Note: Marriage: 1st August 1896, The Parish Church of Plumpstead, Kent.
Frank Guile age 23, Bachelor & Boilermaker of 6 Mafeudia Road
Elizabeth Williams, age 24, Spinster & Machinist of 85 Elm Street,
Grooms Father: James Guile, Engineer
Brides Father: David Williams ‎(deceased)‎, Stonemason
Witness: William Williams & Caroline Lousa Walker.
Married by Banns by Albert Baillie.
Copy Entry: CM1-54