William Bolton + Mary Ann Stock

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Parents Grandparents
William Bolton ‎(I21086)‎
Birth 1853 Hayton, Lancashire, England

Mary Ann Stock ‎(I21019)‎
Birth 1833 52 23 Welch Whittle, Lancashire, England
Richard Stock ‎(I21017)‎
Birth 1781 41 41 Heskin, Lancashire, England
Death 1851 ‎(Age 70)‎ Wrightington, Lancashire, England
Ann Glover ‎(I21018)‎
Birth 1810 29 29 Welch Whittle, Lancashire, England
Death 1872 ‎(Age 62)‎ Chorley Moor, Lancashire, England

Family Group Information   (F6022)
Marriage 3 December 1877 St George, Chorley, Lancashire

Source: S678

Show Details Note: Marriage 3 dec 1877 St George, Chorley, Lancashire
William Bolton - 28 Butcher, Batchelor of Moor Road
Mary Ann Livesey - 43 Farmer, Widow of Moor Road,
Grooms Father: John Bolton, Farmer
Brides Ftaher Richard Stock, Miller
Witness: Sanuel Yates & Margaret Yates.
Married by Licence by John Scott B.A.
Register: Marriages 1873-1883, page 137, Entry 273

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