Young Munday + Mary Mitchel

Children  ‎(1 child)‎
John Munday ‎(I29468)‎
Birth 10 November 1767 27 27 Middlesex, England
Death 1855 ‎(Age 87)‎ Bethnell Green

Parents Grandparents
Young Munday ‎(I29470)‎
Birth about 1740 Middlesex, England

Mary Mitchel ‎(I29472)‎
Birth 4 June 1740 20 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England
Death 1797 ‎(Age 56)‎
John Mitchell ‎(I29473)‎
Birth 1720 ‎(of)‎ Middlesex, England

Family Group Information   (F5165)
Marriage 9 October 1763 St James, Clerkenwell, Islington

Source: S779

Show Details Note: Marriage 9 October 1763, St James Islington, London
Young Munday X ‎(his Mark)‎ of this Parish & Mary Mitchrel of the same were married by Banns
by W Sellom, Curate.
In the presence of Tonk ‎(?)‎ Munday & William Dent.