The Eachus Family of Cheshire, England

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23651 witnesses; Stanley Edge & Evelyn Smith. Family F4189
23652 Source (S902)
23653 Woodbury, New Jersey Minutes: 21 July 1897 Clara F granted cert to Woodbury Eachus, Clara Fairlamb (I3218)
23654 Woolwich RD Family F5571
23655 Worked at Rylands Mill, Gorton, with her Father and sister as a "Factory Girl" She had a daughter called Alice Reagan who married Mr Pilling
1891 1 Slacks Court, Caldewgate, Carlisle, Cumberland daughter, age 7. scholar. (91-15)
1901 5 Whalley Street. Gorton, Manchester, Lancashire daughter. age 17. Cotton Weaver. (01-57)
1911 43 Newton Street, Gorton, Manchester. wife. Calico Weaver. age 27. married 8 years 3 children 2 living. < Mary Regan> (R 22) 
Mullender, Mary Elizabeth (I491)
23656 worked at Sellafield Broughton, Ronnie (I7186)
23657 Worked for Manchester Corp Highways Department
1891- 31 Brunswick Terrace, Macclesfield. son, age 5. (91-65)
1901 104, Great King Street, Macclesfield, son, age 15. Solicitors Clerk. (01-108) 
Dale, John Eachus (I4197)
23658 Worked for the Red Cross and other voluntary work

Census Listings;
1911 247 Shelley Road, Preston, Lancashire. daughter, age 4. School. (11-48)

(picture PIC1/10) 
Eachus, Doris (I6083)
23659 Wrightstown Monthly Meeting Men's Minutes: 2-4-1771 Richard Leedom produces certificate from Abington for himself and 4 sons, William, Jesse, Benjamin and Joseph.
From "The Leedom Family" by Sara A. L. Eachus: Richard and Sarah lived on a large plantation in what was then called Leedomville, and in 1830 renamed Richboro, after his great-grandson, Richard Leedom Thomas, the first postmaster there. Richard was one of the "Fighting Quakers", appearing on the Roll of the Fourth Associated Company of Northampton Township, Bucks Co. captain Henry Lott, dated 19 Aug 1775.
From Elda Bardley: index to " Advertisements and Notices of Interest From Norristown, Penna, Newspapers," comp Judith A.H. Meier, Vol. 2, 1822-1827, on p. 67: " Died on the 5th of July inst. (1825), RICHARD LEEDOM of Richborough, Bucks County, in the 86th year of his age." 
Leedom, Richard (I11766)
23660 Written Copy of Licence held Family F16
23661 Written Copy Of Marriage Licence Held Family F14
23662 Written copy of Marriage Licence Held Family F15
23663 Written Extract of Marriage Licence Held Family F462
23664 Written Extract of Marriage Licence Held Family F644
23665 Written Extract of Marriage Licence Held Family F671
23666 Written Extract of Marriage Licence Held Family F793
23667 written index in Middlewich Parish Register Source (S199)
23668 WW1 Service Record.
London & North Western Railway. John Thomas age 27 Married. age 26 years 10 months Trade Blockman Enlisted November 16th 1915, Euston Station.
height 5' 7" Trade Railway Clerk weight 144 ibls chester 38½". physical delelopment Good. enlisted 16 Nov 1915, Mobilized 22 Nov 1916 261762 
Thomas, John (I8941)
23669 Source (S508)
23670 Wyre Piddle is 2.5 Km from Thockmorton. Family F4021
23671 Yardley became part of Warwickshire in 1911 and is now a borough of Birmingham. Guest, John (I25956)
23672 Youngest child born 1844, Mary was a widow in 1851 Stafford, William (I13354)

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